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This week’s instalment of the #SBIDinspire interior design series features a project about transformation and interaction. London architectural studio, Bilska de Beaupuy, refurbished a bathroom in central London, exploring the theme of indoor-outdoor space. By studying characteristics of nature and translating them into the language of design, the architects aimed to create an in-between zone with an interior design scheme which creates a space that becomes a metaphor for nature.

The plants serve to not only as decoration to engage the Client as she witnesses their growth and evolution, but also act to filter the air through their leaves, roots and soil microflora system. The reflective, smooth texture and versatile patterns of the walls and ceiling seem to change depending on the lighting conditions and time of the day. The central design piece is a 3-dimensional fluid trellis made of gold-plated jewellery chains that function to support the climbing pants.

Company: Bilska de Beaupuy

Project: Indoor Outdoor Bathroom 

Project Location: London, United Kingdom

What was the client’s brief? 

The project is a refurbishment of a 6 square meter en-suite bathroom in central London. The Client wished to have a space where she could feel like she was being ‘outside’ while being inside her bathroom. The interior design brief listed replacing the bathtub with a walk-in shower, a design that will allow for low maintenance, with multiple built-in storage and plants easy to grow.

Interior design of outdoor inspired indoor bathroom by Bilska de Beaupuy

What inspired the design of the Project?

We took the Client’s brief literally and decided to explore ‘what is outside?’. In the design research we associated the ‘outside’ with ‘nature’. We continued to explore the theme through asking ‘what does nature look like? How does nature function? What does nature feel like?’. This gave us a range of ideas on which we based the formal concept of the project. We studied characteristics of nature such as different forms of water and how water is materialised in nature, from waterfalls and glaciers to underground water caves. Furthermore, Indoor Outdoor bathroom was actually designed for a video artist who creates short, magical videos portraying close-ups of water.

Interior design of outdoor inspired indoor bathroom by Bilska de Beaupuy

What was the toughest hurdle your team overcame during the project?

The main challenge was to create the bespoke shower wall. To find a supplier willing to manufacture a curved glass wall with such radius was challenging. It required many testing and came out as a stunning focal piece. The manufacturer told us this was the only curved shower glass wall that existed with such a radius and was made from recycled glass. The installation was also a challenge, but we found an incredible team of professionals who made it all happen.

Interior design of outdoor inspired indoor bathroom by Bilska de Beaupuy

What was your team’s highlight of the project?

Finding a solution to a metal for the cables that would not be affected by age, temperature, humidity and splashing water. The Client wished to have a feeling of femininity in her bathroom, so stainless steel was not an option, and after much research we found that brass and copper without toxic treatment would not last a week without changing appearance or being damaged. Thanks to a friend of ours who is a fine jewellery specialist in Paris advised us on the predicament, so we were able to source gold platted jewellery chains with a rose gold tint. Overall, the chains work beautifully in the bathroom with the lava grey Tadelakt and lush dark green plants. Gold is the less reactive of all metals. It endures well heat, air and humidity and ages gracefully without the need of adding any coating or treatment.

Interior design of outdoor inspired indoor bathroom by Bilska de Beaupuy

Why did you enter the SBID International Design Awards?

We heard it was the place to be recognised by the highest standard of designers and professionals in the interior design industry.

Interior design of outdoor inspired indoor bathroom by Bilska de Beaupuy

Questions answered by the design duo, Monika Bilska and Arabella de Beaupuy, co-founders of Bilska de Beaupuy 

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Bilska de Beaupuy | SBID International Design Awards 2018