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Primary Authority for Interior Design

SBID is the industry’s Primary Authority for regulating product safety and trading standards

We are the official body for the interior design industry registered by the Office for Product Safety and Standards as the Primary Authority on behalf of our professional members in the A&D sector. This unique partnership provides our membership with access to assured and tailored advice on complying with environmental, trading or safety regulations that other local regulators must respect.

, Product Safety & Trading Standards
, Product Safety & Trading Standards

SBID received consent for the scheme from the Secretary of State, operating in a partnership with local authorities to ensure our members operations within local councils are compliant on a national level.

What does this mean for SBID Members?

This partnership ensures SBID Accredited members can:

  • Operate their business in line with UK Product Safety & Trading Standards.
  • Invest with confidence that products, practices and procedures are compliant.
  • Trade within the law to meet required regulations to improve compliance with environmental health, trading standards and fire safety legislation.
  • Access relevant, authoritative tailored advice and information on trading matters across contract law, licensing, fair trading and product safety.

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, Product Safety & Trading Standards

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