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The SBID Complaints procedure is for clients of SBID members to reach a speedy and cost-efficient resolve to a client dispute

SBID also provide some simple guidelines for the public to register a complaint against their own Interior Designer.


After you have filed a complaint a review will commence. You must adhere to the strict time guides and governance procedure below to help us process your claim, failure to comply may invalidate the application or incur fees.

  • A full review, enquiry and an explanation are established and presented to both parties. If you disagree with the result you can still exercise your right to a complaint.
  • SBID operate a Mediation process which provides a fast and binding confidential resolve. SBID is partnered with the government destination; the Intellectual Property Office to provide an experienced and unbiased professional dispute resolution in informal surroundings with the IPO Mediation Service. This very special and pioneering arrangement arose after years of lobbying parliamentary departments for enforcement when a breach of a contractual design service or ownership occurs. This service for other design related destinations such as the motor industry, British manufactured goods etc. in the creative industries as they have a full knowledge, are experienced with the complexities of design, patent, intellectual property, copyright, contract, and of course British Law. This service chose the SBID as the interior design destination of choice for partnership due to our very high standards and calibre of member ethics scrutiny and member high accomplishment in practice and business. Click here to read more about the service.
  • If resolve can not be achieved at Mediation, you may then consider proceeding to court.

Court is regarded as a final resolve so every attempt to mitigate the problem before this step is taken is recommended.

The Courts will punish a party that has not attempted to settle a dispute through Mitigation. It is highly recommended that a Mediation is agreed between both parties. This can usually be arranged in a matter of weeks which provides a speedy outcome for both parties. Mediation is binding and confidential.

The standard of practice, experience and ethics of a SBID Accredited member is recognised across the UK and around the globe as a marque of accomplishment. SBID attracts and encourages leading designers to showcase their work all over the world, engage in British Law drafted contracts and IP protected best practice through the SBID here in the UK. SBID is recognised in over 71 countries worldwide. Due to our pioneering procedures and good governance processes it is unusual for an SBID Accredited designer to become associated in a client complaint upheld in a Court of Law.


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