Our Team

Collectively we have the experience, ability and tenacity to create a valued industry voice locally, nationally and around the world.

We have an internal structure of professionals across our business strategies, an Executive Board to direct our vision, an Advisory board for external risk assessment and commissioned advisors to deliver on our obligations.

Externally we have a national team of honorary Regional Directors who each work within the industry providing valuable feedback from the field.

Professionally we are accredited and honoured by the British government for our achievements and driving force in the industry.


Jimmy Choo OBE
SBID Ambassador

For over thirty years Jimmy Choo has promoted the craft of making shoes for the most discerning customers around the world. His name is synonymous with beauty, quality and colour as well as unique design. Choo’s craft and creativity have changed the global footwear industry and inspired fashion and design students around the world.

Jimmy Choo OBE became an international ambassador of SBID in 2010 to promote and uphold standards in education.

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    Executive Board
    The Executive Board sets policy for the long-term direction of SBID. It considers data, research and feedback from internal and external sources.
  • Meet the Team
    Advisory Board
    The Advisory Board provides the personal and professional experience necessary to create the richness required for a national and international business.
  • Meet the Team
    Expert Panel
    Our panels provide guidance in a range of professional areas: Audit risk, International Law, CPD, Education, Product Expertise, Sustainability.
  • SBID Healthcare Council for interior design industry
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    Healthcare Council
    In 2013 SBID launched its Healthcare Council unique in the British design industry, bringing together experts from this specialist field of interior design.
  • SBID Education Council for interior design industry
    Meet the Team
    Education Design Council
    The Education Council puts effective design at the core of the learning process and shows how evidence-based decisions can enhance learning experiences.
  • Meet the Team
    The SBID President is an independent pioneer championing industry improvement and design excellence, appointed to bring the SBID vision to fruition.
  • Meet the Team
    Regional Directors
    Our Regional Directors represent SBID locally across the UK & internationally. They are your local point of contact for networking with interior design professionals.
  • SBID Colour Council for interior design industry
    Meet the Team
    Colour Council
    Informing the industry about the importance of colour Teaming up with industry colour experts, the SBID Colour Council was created as a platform to inform...

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