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We welcome interior design experts to join SBID’s trusted membership community. If you want to gain accreditation for your professional interior design services and enhance your profile, our society is the place for you. Plus, you’ll be listed in our exclusive directory and gain access to industry events, training and development opportunities to further support your interior design career.

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Interior Designers

SBID is a well established membership for all interior design experts. We embrace the talented industry by encouraging everyone from sole traders to large interior design studios to join us.  Accreditation is a great way of becoming recognised for your projects and expanding your client base through our directory of interior designers.

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Interior Fit-Out Specialists

Interior fit-out specialists provide their professional services to the interior design profession within hospitality, workplace, healthcare, residential and more.

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Manufacturers & Suppliers

Designers source materials and products from trusted suppliers. Global manufacturers and independent artisans are listed in trade-only directories on SBIDPro.

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The next generation

SBID is the recognised body for the accreditation of professional interior design practice, offering emerging designers a pathway to employment in the design community.

SBID is the leading professional membership organisation for interior design in the UK.

Want to become a member?

Discover SBID’s membership fees for your category.

       MEMBERSHIP FEES      

3 steps to become an SBID Accredited member:

Check the accreditation criteria and membership fees for the industry sector that applies to you.

When you’re ready to apply, begin the simple 3-step process for accreditation.

1. Category:

Select your correct accreditation category and complete the enquiry form.

Your enquiry will be reviewed by the Membership team.

2. Checks:

SBID will carry out the necessary checks to confirm membership status.

Due diligence checks are completed to verify accurate credentials and appropriate levels of accreditation.

3. Acknowledgement:

You will receive acknowledgement of the review.

Successful applicants that are awarded SBID Accredited status are added to the SBID Accredited members register.*

A membership certificate is issued with Accreditation materials and access to the multitude of benefits listed in the SBIDPro platform.

Designers will receive an editable, online Professional Services Contract for commercial use.

*Members can opt out of listing in the public directory by written request.

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Accreditation distinguishes a level of expertise that separates qualified professional interior designers from social influencers and hobbyists.

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interior design members, SBID | Our Members

What makes SBID Accreditation different

SBID Accreditation is a marque of achievement that denotes professional competence defined by  training and work experience. SBID is committed to equipping members with the tools they need for professional practice.

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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a statement of principles and expectations governing the behaviour of members in their professional conduct. Members are expected to act at all times with integrity, honesty and objectivity.

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