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Accreditation showcases specialist expertise and professionalism

SBID Interior Fit Out Specialists safeguard the public from the risks that inevitably arise through unregulated providers.

Our Contract Partners, including fit out specialists, make decisions and relationships work better when design teams are connected throughout the supply chain management and decision making process. The relationship ensures that a designers final product choices and specifications are fit for purpose and therefore improves work flow timelines.

Accreditation generates communication throughout the industry supply chain that eliminates risk of error through procurement. This natural synergy of a designers choice of products for an installers 1st and 2nd-fix provides additional assurances to a manufacturer that product-use and installation locations, building regulations, guidelines and manufacturer recommendations are adhered to.

This unique three-pronged approach creates a truly professional outcome for optimum product performance of all three interior design services ®.

To attain SBID Accreditation you must acquire the following criteria:


SBID 5 points of entry for Accredited Interior Fit-Out Specialists:

1. Training

SBID supports the ongoing the training and continued development of professionals across the interior design profession with an Accredited CPD programme, whether investing in your own professional learning or providing essential training to your peers and potential clients, partners must show commitment to industry training and development.

2. H&S Record

A contract partner must be able to demonstrate they have the health and safety skills, knowledge and experience (SKE), and the organisational capability to carry out the work they are being appointed for whilst complying with the appropriate H&S regulations.

3. Green Practice

SBID promotes sustainability in all business activities and encourages all professional contract partners to adopt green practices to improve their commitment to sustainability in the construction industry.

4. Projects

SBID champions professional competence and design excellence through its Accreditation, membership network and global SBID Awards programme. Contract partners must showcase their ability to effectively and safely deliver an interior concept to SBID’s professional accreditation standards. 

5. Inclusiveness

As a diverse global profession, SBID promotes the development of an inclusive design industry through its professional standards to ensure all stakeholders co-operate to reach shared objectives and play by the same ethical rules.

Pricing Structure:


Interior Contractors

Contractors: Exterior/Structures

Building Experts & Consultants

Specialist Support Services

Annual fee

Starting from £1,000

Starting from £1,000

Starting from £800


*Get in touch to discuss membership packages and detailed pricing.

To enquire about becoming SBID Accredited, simply complete the form below: 

Alternatively you can contact us directly by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 020 7738 9383.

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