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As the sole British organisation representing the UK at the European Council of Interior Architects, SBID accredits professional interior designers, product suppliers and educational institutions; SBID accreditation has a pre-eminent reputation for accrediting experienced and trained professionals who abide by a globally recognised code of practice. This provides an assurance around the world for British Designers who trade internationally with countries where the SBID logo is recognised as Design Excellence


SBID-Accredited interior designers have demonstrated the European standard required to become an accredited professional while accredited industry partners have demonstrated compliance with the five-point system of the SBID International Code of Conduct. This is the pre-eminent level of design excellence in Europe, delivered in the UK through the Society of British and International Design.

Peace of Mind

SBID Accredited designers hold professional indemnity insurance and business insurance protection to provide customers with the assurance and peace of mind in the services provided.



SBID Accreditation is an internationally recognised marque for professional British interior design. This credibility gives designer’s a useful marque of validation on the standards of their experience, knowledge and best professional practice.

Pioneer of Education-based Accreditation

The first in UK education-based route to accrediting an Interior Designer was originally adopted from the European Charter of Education (ECIA). Based on the European framework, The Society of British Interior Design (SBID) pioneered accreditation for British Interior Designers in 2009. The SBID Accreditation framework is now internationally recognised across the interior design industry and has influenced other accreditation organisations to follow the education-based accreditation framework for accrediting British Designers.

Putting Accredited members first

Interior Design professionals at all levels of their career as well as Industry Partners benefit from becoming SBID Accredited. SBID provides its members with unrivalled acknowledgement, opportunities to network, collaborate and advance their career.

We have an extensive communication network that highlights the achievements of our members and ensures all our accredited professionals are fully informed with the latest industry developments. This includes weekly newsletters, a quarterly publication, industry blogs and the annual coffee table yearbook; SBID Global Interior Design

They have access to exclusive networking opportunities including bespoke business breakfast meetings in London which encourage and facilitate business opportunities; regional events which connect members to people in their area, international trade event trips and tickets and international meet the buyer events.

Members also benefit from our partnerships with national and international trade organisations, providing access to networking and speaking opportunities for SBID-accredited professionals. They can also receive business support; this includes favourable rates for business services and access to continuing professional development (CPD) events. Members are also invited to raise their global professional profile with up to five free submissions in the SBID International Design Awards.

SBID members are part of an equally qualified global network of 150,000 designers around the world.


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Accreditation helps you or your studio demonstrate a level of expertise to clients, separating qualified professionals from the hobbyist or social influencers.
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An interior designer’s role is to sell qualified advice for an interior space to provide ultimate safety, wellbeing and performance for its users intended purpose.

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SBID Awards

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Becoming ‘SBID Accredited’ means that you have had the highest assessed industry benchmark* in a promoted category of interior design capabilities.
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