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SBID accredits interior designers, product suppliers, interior fit-out specialists and educational institutions. SBID Accreditation has a pre-eminent reputation for representing qualifications and capabilities. Those displaying SBID marque abide by a globally recognised code of practice. This provides an assurance of trust for all those who engage with an SBID accredited representative.

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SBID members have demonstrated the high standards required to become accredited. Entry is awarded by competence as well as conduct; it is a dual consideration. Each membership category requires applicants to demonstrate a commitment for improvement, be it personal or professional, as well as an agreement to comply with the Code of Conduct, ethical standards and social impacts on society. This pre-eminent level of professional excellence is delivered in the UK through SBID members.

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SBID Accredited Designers receive an annual short Professional Service Contract (PSC) for the appointment of professional design services. Additional contracts for larger projects address the scope and scale of all client instructions which can be used for appointing supervisors, consultants, or other suppliers. SBID is the exclusive partner of NEC for the UK Parliament endorsed a market-leading contract for the interior design industry. SBID Designers also need to hold Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance in order to provide customers with total clarity where SBID also has exclusive representation for PI in the interior design sector with the world’s biggest provider to professional bodies.

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SBID Accreditation is an internationally recognised marque of professional British interior design. Endorsement of the standards for professional practice, experience and qualified knowledge provides consumers with independent validation of the bearers credibility.


Pioneer of Education-based Accreditation

In 2009, SBID supplied Interior Designers across the UK with pioneering accreditation for an education-defined route to professional practice. It was the first time in the UK a level of education was aligned to practice. SBID accredited an interior designers proficiency with an entry process and criteria for a first degree in the field of design.

This first to market criteria raised the bar and set the first standard for professional practice in the UK by training, whilst providing a much-needed distinction and clarity for the wider public when selecting an interior designer. SBID Accreditation framework is now internationally recognised as an important influencer of industry standards. Each of the three industry categories, interior designers, fit-out specialists and product suppliers are defined by their knowledge and experience. This creates a unique and holistic design service throughout the supply chain.

Benefits of SBID Accreditation

Interior Designers can benefit from SBID Accreditation at all levels of their careers. It provides unrivalled acknowledgement and opportunities to network and collaborate with industry trade partners, open trade accounts and meeting new suppliers. Becoming SBID Accredited helps members to advance their careers in multiple ways.

SBID has an extensive communication network that works to highlight and promote member achievements. Members are kept informed of the latest industry developments, government updates and promotional benefits through the member-only platform; SBIDPro.

Members have access to:

  • Access to SBID extensive professional network through exclusive networking opportunities
  • Bespoke business engagements which encourage and facilitate business opportunities
  • Essential updates on law, business, industry news and related matters
  • Regional and online events to connect members to stakeholders in local areas
  • Special offers for international trade events including press trips, VIP access and free tickets
  • Interview opportunities with media partners; consumer, trade and national press
  • Promotional opportunities across SBID media, including a new SpeakEasy platform for podcasts, webinars and digital discussions.
  • Invitation to the exclusive SBID annual Meet the Buyer networking events.
  • Business support; this includes favourable rates for business services
  • Access to SBID’s Accredited continuing professional development (CPD) programme for ongoing specialist training.
  •  Raise global professional profiles with exclusive entry benefits to the SBID International Design Awards.

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Accreditation helps you or your practice demonstrate a level of expertise. It separates qualified professionals from social influencers and hobbyists.

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What does a designer do?

An interior designer’s role is to sell qualified advice for an interior space to provide ultimate safety performance and wellbeing for its users and intended purpose.

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Becoming ‘SBID Accredited’ means that you have achieved the highest industry-assessed benchmark in a specialist interior design category.
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