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Legal Support for Interior Designers

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Unity supports SBID in its important work on behalf of the design community and are pleased to offer their tailored services to support our professional network. The aim is to improve access to justice for designers and to provide a route to resolving legal problems and disputes in an efficient and economical manner.

professional service contract, Legal Support for Designers

Why do I need it?

Sometimes throughout the course of a contract, disputes can arise. Unity offer their expert guidance to help you navigate the legal landscape to resolve issues as smoothly and stress-free as possible. Unlike traditional legal firms, Unity don’t represent clients in court, hold money for clients or undertake conveyancing. In that way, they can guide you in choosing the right approach for your case.

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What does Unity do?

We are a portal into the legal services market, which can be very unfamiliar territory for interior designers. We advise on the most appropriate course of action to address your legal needs and deal with your dispute. Clients knock on our door with questions about a legal issue and we have the expertise and skills to offer the following services:


Contract Drafting

Unity’s contract drafting services ensure that design contracts provide a route map through a project, and that designer and client are fully aware of their respective obligations. Drafting user friendly contracts helps reduce the risk of damaging disputes arising during a retainer.

General Training & Support 

Unity offer bespoke training about the general legal issues that designers may face and experience during the course of their business.

Preliminary Legal Advice 

By providing legal advice from a team of expert consultant solicitors and barristers, including preliminary advice as to the chances of success in any litigation, Unity give members early economic guidance regarding any problems that have arisen throughout project procurement.

Mediation Service

Mediation services is a cost effective solution to resolve legal disputes between designers and their client as an alternative to costly court proceedings. The mediation process may also help to preserve the relationships involved. Unity has its own experienced team of mediators and can advise how to get the best out of the mediation experience.

Intellectual Property Protection

Offering advice to assist the design community in protecting intellectual property rights.

Further Legal Support

Unity can help to source the best possible advice from knowledgeable professionals should further legal assistance be appropriate. Identifying and sourcing the most appropriate solicitor, barrister, or expert witness for a court case, set against criteria such as budget, type of case specialism, experience and location. Unity can also negotiate and procure the best possible fee arrangement and cost structure for the client.


To learn more about how Unity services can support your business or to explore what they offer, click here to visit their website. Alternatively, you can contact Roger Billins at [email protected] or call 07485 620619

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professional service contract, Legal Support for Designers

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