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Accreditation demonstrates a level of expertise and professionalism

Use of the SBID Accreditation logo across a website, marketing collateral, client pitches and stationery establishes you as a professionally qualified, trusted and experienced designer. 

This creates an assurance to members, clients and customers that by appointing an SBID Accredited Designer, they are safeguarded from unregulated providers and will therefore receive the highest level of professional service.

To attain SBID Accreditation you must acquire the following criteria:

Accredited Designer Criteria Diagram

Please note: SBID Associate Accreditation is available to designers that do immediately meet the stringent criteria for the category of Design Professional. To assist designers on the journey of achieving full SBID Accreditation – please enquire using the below form to find out more or email [email protected]

Accreditation Pricing Structure:


UK Interior Design Associate

UK Interior Design Professional

International Design Professional

Interior Design Practice

Annual Fee

£200 + VAT

£295 + VAT

£295 + VAT

Discounted pricing available*

Monthly Cost

£16.67 + VAT

£25 + VAT

£25 + VAT

Discounted pricing available*

*If you have any queries regarding levels of accreditation, eligibility or pricing, please get in touch using the below form.

Tax Relief

As SBID is a professional organisation approved by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), SBID membership fees qualify as a tax deductible expense. This means you (or your employer) can claim tax relief on any fees or subscriptions paid, providing membership is relevant and beneficial to your job – reducing your tax bill by a percentage of the fee. 

To enquire about becoming SBID Accredited, simply complete the form below: 

Alternatively you can contact us directly by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 020 7738 9383.

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SBID Accreditation

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SBID Accreditation is a marque of achieving a high level of professional competence defined by education, ongoing training and experience to protect the greater public.

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SBID Accreditation

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Becoming ‘SBID Accredited’ means that you have achieved the highest assessed industry benchmark by SBID in your specialist category of interior design.
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