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Showcase your design expertise and professionalism

Accreditation signifies the highest quality standards for professional interior design services

The widely-recognised marque of SBID demonstrates knowledge, expertise, and a commitment to industry standards. Accreditation distinguishes practitioners from interior design hobbyists, verifying you as a professional interior designer operating at the highest standards of practice. Enhance your profile with SBID as a trained professional by demonstrating that you are experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to quality and best practice.

Endorsing qualified interior designers as trained, trusted and experienced provides an assurance to potential clients that they’re going to receive the upmost professional service and design advice no matter the size or scale of the project – separating SBID Interior Designers from unregulated providers.

Pathways to SBID Accreditation

With our membership structure, SBID provide a route to achieving full SBID Accredited status, no matter the stage of your career. Interior designers can begin their journey with SBID at any level of knowledge or experience. Support is provided to help members progress through the membership levels to reach their full potential and elevate career opportunities.

Both UK and International members are accepted. This is defined by country of residence or registered business address.

Membership Levels & Pricing:

Annual fees are listed below. You can also pay via monthly subscription.

SBID Foundation Member

Interest in pursuing a career in interior design

Doesn’t yet hold or study an interior design degree

Little or no industry work experience

£180 +VAT

SBID Student Member

Actively pursuing a career in interior design

Currently enrolled to study an interior design degree

Little or no industry work experience


SBID Interior Design Associate

3 years of degree level education OR

3.5 years of practice

24 CPD points per annum

Professional indemnity insurance

£325 +VAT

SBID Accredited Design Professional

3 years of degree level education* AND

3.5 years in practice

24 CPD points per annum

Professional indemnity insurance

£395 +VAT

*Years of education can be exchanged for an additional 3.5 years of professional practice. 

Is more than 50% of your design team operating at Associate or Accredited level?

Accreditation is available for your Design Studio with discounted rates! Get in touch to find out more.

Exclusive Career & Industry Support

As part of membership with SBID, members get access to a unique package of industry benefits to aid professional learning, engagement, business opportunities and media promotion. Enquire to discover your unique benefits package, and find out how you can achieve SBID Accreditation today.

Accredited Designers receive: 

  • Public listing in our online Designer Directory.
  • Access to an editable Interior Design Short Contract for client engagements.
  • Exclusive rates for NEC Professional Service Contracts.
  • Access to the CPD training programme for ongoing learning.
  • Partner exclusive offers including trade event tickets, specialist advice and media opportunities.
  • A unique package of promotional benefits to showcase projects, services and expertise.
  • Free entry into the annual SBID International Design Awards.
What To Look For When Choosing An Interior Designer

To begin your journey to SBID Accreditation, simply complete the form below: 

Alternatively you can contact us directly by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 020 7738 9383.

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Achieving ‘SBID Accredited’ status is the highest assessed industry benchmark SBID award within the specialist categories of interior design.

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