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SBID set and review the standards for ethics as part of its commitment to reinforcing ethical values across all areas of interior design

SBID consulted with Interior Designers, consumers and investors to create an ethical code to address ethical dilemmas an interior designer, manufacturer or support service must meet to procure their duties. The pioneering Code revised in 2018 sets out the standard of professional obligations and vision the public can expect to receive from SBID stakeholders.

Set out below are the standards credentials as an exemplary organisation for the general conduct of each member.

The Code also guides SBID members in their daily duties to make ethical decisions.

The Code provides standards and principles of professional behaviour:








Reporting (improper conduct)



Ethical Misconduct

SBID take accusations and reports of misconduct seriously. Firstly, a full review of the notification or accusations will be commissioned by the Ethics Committee. If the case relates to a Member of the Board an independent review may also be sought. The findings will be reported in the Board Minutes. If the investigation revealed conduct in conflict with the Societies code, the ethics committee or Executive Board may recommend legal advice and action, this process would exclude the Member in question. If the complaint is malicious towards a member with the intention of damaging the reputation of an individual member, the SBID will seek advice to protect the members reputation. This principle is also linked to other areas of the code.



SBID will not engage in anti-competitive conduct against another industry body or competitor. The organisations vision of industry-wide improvement will grow only through a professional approach.

Team members are not permitted to respond to competitors unethical conduct. The code provides a process to collate evidence, present it to the Societies ethical committee and on the recommendation of the committee, the Executive Board may recommend that the Society severs communication with the offending entity.



As a design organisation, intellectual property is a major component of how members and the organisation earns its income. Theft of intellectual property, business plan, design or commercial idea is unethical. Misconduct jeopardises the future prosperity of members and the Society. The SBID addresses IP theft with extreme seriousness. When necessary if persistent theft occurs, the SBID will commission third party intelligence to obtain evidence and pass it to the Ethics Committee. The Executive Board may seek advice on the individual merits of each case.



SBID upholds the right for a member of staff or team to withdraw from any activity that is against their religious practice. The code also allows any member to bring to the attention of the ethics committee any issue that is unethical practice. It is entirely against the constitution of SBID to engage in any conduct that would be illegal, immoral or offensive. It is also against the policy of SBID to participate in or witness but not report illegal actions in the course of day to day business. Each representative of SBID has sworn a pledge of honesty and compliance, any reported breach will be addressed quickly and privately unless illegality is suspected when, by virtue of duty, the matter would be reported to the police.



Phishing, like fraud, requires an intent to deceive. It is almost always illegal. If a person or robot sends a website, company, individual or virtual intelligence device an email, a text message, or any other type of digital communication with the intent to deceive, the message is phishing and commits identity theft.

SBID has guidelines for staff on how to respond to phishing emails and phone calls from competitors. This misconduct is not only illegal if it’s aim is to gather information to use to create a commercial advantage, it is also unethical and is a forbidden practice for SBID representatives. Any member of staff or agent who engages in this conduct is subject to instant dismissal.

SBID will gather intelligence via its licensed agents (and act on legal advice received) to corroborate appointed licensed personnel should evidence indicate criminal business or identity theft has occurred. Verifying the origin and use of some digital evidence is no different to other evidence, however some digital evidence may need to be interpreted by a specialist and therefore further evidence may be commissioned.


Any partnership with an organisation which fails to meet the SBID ethics guidelines will be advised to edit the conduct to bring the partnership into alignment with the agreement. Failure to address a matter brought to the attention of a collaborating partner results in the collaboration agreement being cancelled by SBID.

It is our practice when reporting any of the above unethical conduct from a competitor, to collate all the evidence and pass it to the SBID legal advisors. In turn the conduct will be passed to the relevant government departments if appropriate. Continuous abuse will be reported to the governing officials of an entity. If the practice continues, SBID will cancel the partnership. Evidence will be compiled into a report.  SBID will act on the appropriateness and timing of advice received.

Reporting Ethical Misconduct

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