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The Society of British and International Design (SBID) is the professional body registered in the UK to accredit professionals in interior design. In Brussels, at the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA), we are the British professional body and representative for interior design. We also provide the route to market for universal interior design education in the UK through the European Charter of Education.

We regulate and promote the interior design profession for our members; maintain the highest educational and professional shared standards; protect clients and consumers via a strict international code of ethics and conduct and provide impartial advice and guidance for our accredited professionals. We consult around the world to improve and progress the profession of interior design and we lobby government for improvement where relevant.

Who are SBID professionals?

Our members span 45 countries. Any individual or firm registered with us is subject to our quality standard-bearer assurance and must adhere to the adopted International Code of Conduct, laid down in Brussels in 1992 by the ECIA. Our professionals are required to stay up to date with current practice through our accredited lifelong educational programme established in 2012. As an organisation we partner with interior product sectors, contractors and property professionals.

Qualified SBID accredited professionals are recognised by the designatory letters SBID (Accredited).

SBID is about more than politics and regulations; it is about providing our members with the insight to ensure their career or business is sustainable and robust enough to achieve long-term success.

We are sponsored and supported by a variety of UK government bodies; this gives us a global market presence that helps influence our policy for the benefit of all. We have 10 regional UK Directors, a central London office and international offices around the world.

We’re proud of our reputation and we guard it fiercely. This insures that anyone who works with SBID registered professionals can be confident of the quality and ethics of the services they receive.

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