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Business Insurance for Interior Designers

SBID Members can access an exclusive 15% discount on Superscript Insurance

Professional Indemnity (PI) is a required business insurance for SBID registered interior designers. To help protect our professionals in practice against the risks associated with project procurement, SBID members can redeem discounts on a range of business insurance solutions (including professional indemnity) to suit project requirements.

professional service contract, Insurance for Interior Design

Why do I need it?

Valid PI cover is a condition of SBID Accredited membership. It’s designed to provide protection from a range of risks, including mistakes in your work, intellectual property disputes, compensation claims and contract disputes. Other covers also provide protection against various risks faced by practicing interior designers.

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Offers Protection

Designed to protect policy holders in financial dispute if clients make a claim against them

Can Cover Legal Costs

Safeguards if disagreements occur by handling the cost of putting things right – including legal fees

Suits Business Needs

Part of a customisable business insurance policy that can be tailored to meet your needs

Superscript is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The 15% discount is available to any SBID member taking out a new business policy with Superscript; it will not be granted in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or discount, excluding unique referral codes from our Refer-A-Friend programme which can be used in conjunction with the SBID discount. Subject to eligibility requirements.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

If you’re found responsible for causing financial loss to your client by providing inadequate advice, services or designs, professional indemnity (PI) insurance can cover your legal costs and the expenses involved in defending a claim, as well as compensation paid to the client.


Who needs professional indemnity insurance?

Although professional indemnity insurance isn’t a legal requirement, some regulatory bodies and professional organisations, including the SBID, make PI cover a condition of membership or accreditation.

Some professionals may be required to have PI cover as part of a contractual obligation, whilst many choose this cover because of the protection and security it provides if their advice or service delivered fails to meet a client’s expectations,


Which other types of business insurance should I consider?

To ensure your business is adequately protected from the risks you may face, you may want to consider getting other covers on top of professional indemnity insurance. 

As an interior design professional, some of the most relevant covers include public liability insurance, equipment cover and cyber insurance. If anyone else works for your business, you’re likely to need employers’ liability insurance as well as this is a legal requirement for most UK businesses with employees


How much is professional indemnity insurance?

The cost of PI insurance varies depending on different factors, such as the level of cover you need, the number of people you employ, your annual turnover and the risks associated with your business activities.

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professional service contract, Insurance for Interior Design

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