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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Interior Design

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As with other professional industry bodies, continuing professional development (CPD) is an annual requirement for SBID Interior Designers to demonstrate their commitment to ongoing learning in the professional practice of interior design.

Acquiring CPD helps you stay up to date with the interior design industry and its changing regulations, as well as provide opportunities to advance and maintain your knowledge as a trained, compliant and highly skilled professional. 

Educational programmes tailored to practicing interior designers

As the interior design industry’s leading accreditation body, SBID requires its accredited designers to acquire  CPD points through a range of tailored learning opportunities and industry engagements.

From industry essential reading to in-person seminars, on demand webinars and online courses, SBID Members are continually developing their skillsets for the benefit of their projects, clients, and career progression. SBID CPD events, training and activities are accredited to help designers become more knowledgeable and remain up to date with ever-changing market forces.

Pioneering CPD for the interior design industry

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By making it a core stipulation of the professional membership agreement, SBID’s commitment to continued professional development, training and work experience is clear. In 2012, the interior design industry’s CPD programme was validated and licensed, and providers were deemed fit-for-purpose in line with SBID’s professional standards. The intellectual property of the CPD programme was later incorporated into SBID.

As the interior design professional’s lifelong learning path has evolved, SBID has also changed the ways in which interior design CPD® education is provided. Reflecting the way designers now work, SBID provides access to monthly CPD webinars online and on-demand in SBIDPro.

The importance of SBID Accredited CPD®

SBID Accredited CPD® upholds exacting standards and continually demands relevance. It gained its status as industry-leading through providing licenced and branded educational content, delivered by experienced professionals, as well as consistently receiving positive reviews from trusted figures within the industry.

SBID members attend online and face-to-face CPD events listed in the Accredited CPD Directory in SBIDPro to maintain their specialist industry knowledge. Each provider meets the five-point entry system, the SBID International Code of Conduct and independent education assessments to uphold the relevant industry training standards.

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SBID also recognises alternative CPD providers through other professional organisations including the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT).



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