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SBID Industry Partners are trusted trade suppliers of interior products, solutions and services for the interior design profession. Accreditation verifies the performance, quality and craftsmanship of product offerings and demonstrates professionalism in the services provided as a widely-recognised upholder of industry standards.

Pathways to SBID Accreditation

As recommended suppliers for an interior designer’s specification, SBID encourages its community of professional designers, buyers and specifiers to source from our database of trusted specialists.

With a range of membership options, we support industry partners by providing a package of unique membership benefits to help increase your reach, engagement and visibility among our specialist audiences.

Membership Levels & Pricing:

Annual fees are listed below. You can also pay via monthly subscription.

SBID Industry Partner

Listing in Supplier Directory

Standard Promotional Package



– Editorial publishing
– Newsletter & social media feature

from £600 +VAT

SBID Enhanced Industry Partner

Listing in the Supplier Directory

Event Listings & Promorion

Increased Promotional Package


– Editorial publishing
– Newsletter & social media features

from £900 +VAT

SBID Platinum Industry Partner

Listing in the Supplier Directory

Event Listings & Promotion

CPD License with Directory Listings

Maximum Promotional Package


– Editorial publishing
– Newsletter & social media features
– Direct email invitations

from £3,200 +VAT

Are you a small to medium-sized enterprise?

Discounted industry partnership rates are offered for businesses that qualify as a SME! Get in touch to find out more.

Membership Criteria:

To become an Accredited Member, all SBID Industry Partners must:

1. Supply at least 1 year of company accounts

2. Meet the SBID 5 Points of Compliance

3. Hold valid business insurance

Why Becoming An Accredited Interior Designer Is Important To You & The Industry

SBID 5 Points of Compliance:

1. Intellectual property (IP)

SBID fights piracy and copyright theft in design. We actively negotiated with government to legislate against IP theft and bad practice. Industry partners will share this commitment in the design of their products and agree to abide by our Code of Ethics.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility

SBID supports ethical manufacturing processes to ensure people and environments are not harmed in the production process of interior design goods and services. Industry partners will demonstrate their commitment to delivering corporate social responsibility.

3. Service

SBID require partners to provide quality client services throughout procurement. Industry partners will share this commitment to providing exceptional trade services for interior designers from the initial consultation and purchase order, to the delivery, installation and after sales care.

4. Sustainability

SBID endorses sustainability in all business activities and works closely with government to advance sustainable practices in the interior design profession. Industry partners will share this commitment to sustainability through developing strategies for minimising the environmental impact of operations, production processes, product use, and manufacturing.

5. Performance & Value

The functionality and performance of products and services provided by the industry partner must be of a high quality standard and be priced fairly to offer good value for money.

To enquire about becoming SBID Accredited, simply complete the form below: 

Alternatively you can contact us directly by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 020 7738 9383.

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