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SBID Accreditation distinguishes interior design professionals

A globally respected marque representing the benchmark for professional interior design

SBID pioneered the British standard of accreditation for interior designers by setting out measures of competence and skill in education, experience, and training, adding an annual requirement of continued professional development (CPD) as the foundation for maintaining accredited status.

As the industry body recognised throughout the UK and around the world as a sign of design standards and excellence, SBID Accreditation distinguishes interior design businesses and represents the upmost professional quality and best practice.

Who can apply?

Our professional community of interior designers comprises a pool both British and international talent. Those who meet our criteria are welcome to join the society, where support is provided to further careers and accreditation is awarded at the highest level of practice to elevate businesses, drive standards and contribute to the success of the industry.

SBID Membership Categories:

SBID Interior Designers

Interior design practitioners that meet our industry standards are eligible to become SBID Accredited. Interior designers can join at any stage in their career as they progress to achieve Accredited status. Membership is available for UK and international designers and design studios.

SBID Industry Partners

SBID Industry Partners are the specialist trade suppliers for the interior design profession, including FF&E product providers, material manufacturers and business services which aid in the production of functional, high quality interiors across the sectors.

SBID Contract Partners

SBID Contract Partners are the specialist trade and construction industry professionals and contractors that are responsible for the build and fit-out of interior projects. They are essential to the successful installation and delivery of safe and compliant interior design schemes.

Why become SBID Accredited?

The Society of British & International Interior Design is the UK’s leading professional body for the interior design industry

Becoming SBID Accredited demonstrates that a member has attained the highest status of assessed knowledge and experience for interior design in the UK, equal with our professional peers around the world.

In a market flooded with untrained hobbyists, SBID Accreditation distinguishes qualified and experienced interior designers to provide the public with security that services and advice received is provided by a fully trained and knowledgeable professional.

We embrace the creativity and evolving future of the global interior design landscape to improve standards in practice, enhance business prospects and support experts throughout their career.

interior design accreditation, What is Interior Design Accreditation?
interior design accreditation, What is Interior Design Accreditation?

Why is Accreditation important?

SBID’s Interior Design Accreditation is important because the UK Government hasn’t set national competency standards for the interior design sector. SBID was incorporated to champion competence and training for the industry and our accreditation services have helped to establish and progress the country’s best interior design companies, big and small.

To explore our network of interior design professionals, visit our extensive designer directory.

How does it contribute to industry improvement and success?

SBID encourages increased collaboration among its professional community and throughout the project supply chain. From the interior design schemes and the products specified to the final fit-out, this natural synergy of expertise across the industry eliminates risk of error during project procurement, improves communication across the sectors, streamlines the decision-making process and improves workflow timelines.

Interior design projects achieve more successful outcomes when design teams, suppliers and construction professionals are connected and operating at the highest level of competence. This unified approach cultivates success for producing powerful and effective interior design solutions across the residential design and commercial contract sectors.

Interior Design Directories

The Designer Directory showcases our collective of professional interior design studios to help the public and potential clients find and verify your interior design services, featuring your practice in our online database of the industry’s most skilled and competent practitioners.

Promoting standards throughout the procurement process, from design and specification through to the final fit-out, SBID represents a trusted network of industry suppliers, product manufacturers and service providers in the Supplier Directory – helping designers source trade professionals and specify the best materials and design solutions for their needs.

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What makes SBID Accreditation different

Accreditation distinguishes industry professionals with a standard of expertise that separates qualified specialists from unregulated providers, equipping members with the tools they need for success.

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Industry CPD & Events

Discover a calendar of networking and engagement events for the interior design community. From annual trade shows, conferences and design festivals, to upcoming CPD learning opportunities. 

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