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Accreditation helps an interior designer or practice demonstrate to the public a level of expertise, separating qualified professionals from a hobbyist or social influencers.

SBID pioneered Accreditation in the format now generally promoted across the UK; a mix of training experience and continued professional and personal development to describe a qualified and monitored interior designer. Click here to find out what makes SBID Accreditation different. The SBID standard of endorsement is a globally recognised marque. In 2020/1 it will be the first UK professional body to provide an exam as an entry level, elevating its members to the highest level of measured qualification beyond an academic BA or MA degree. Accreditation provides the quality assurance framework for designers, manufacturers and service providers within the UK interior design industry, but it has gone further. The SBID has separated itself from DIY, craft and entertainment television programmes to provide the public with an unrivalled protection.

SBID Accreditation

SBID is a globally respected organisation setting, measuring, enforcing and assisting the profession of interior design for stakeholders in the UK and around the world.

It is built for the future and designed to react at the speed of a modern world with a criteria that not only assists designers but also protects the public. In 2016, SBID applied for a Royal Charter. In 2019 SBID put the proposal to consultation.

Becoming SBID Accredited provides the public with the comfort that an Accredited member has attained the highest status of assessed knowledge and experience in the UK equal to our peers around the world. The European Charter of Education is represented in the UK by the Society of British & International Interior Design (SBID)©️. However, you can begin your journey at any level of experience, together we will help you on your way in your chosen interior design specialism on a shared journey to reach your full potential and career opportunities.

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Accrediting Interior Designers

The education-based route to accrediting an interior designer was originally adopted from the European Charter of Education (ECIA) in the UK in 2009, providing the first British interior designer accreditation across the UK equal to those in Europe where the UK was governed.

Based on the European framework, the Society of British & International Interior Design (SBID) pioneered accreditation for British Interior Designers by setting out measures of competence, skill and experience. The SBID Accreditation framework is now internationally recognised across the interior design industry and has influenced other organisations in Britain to create accreditation as a standard, following the education-based accreditation framework we pioneered. We continue to improve and in 2020/1 launch the entry exam as the only method to enter the SBID membership.

You can join at any time in your career, but can only achieve full Accreditation currently by meeting the following criteria*

To attain SBID Accreditation you must acquire the following criteria:

*Entry to full SBID Accreditation will soon be only via exam.

Accredited Designer requirement
Accredited Designer requirement

SBID 5 points of compliance for Accredited Industry Partners:


1. Intellectual property (IP)

SBID fights piracy and copyright theft in design. We actively negotiate with government to legislate against IP theft and bad practice. The professional industry partner will also share this commitment.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility

SBID supports ethical manufacturing of the delivery and processes of products and services that ensure people and environments are not abused or harmed in the production process. The professional industry partner should demonstrate their commitment delivering corporate social responsibility.

3. Service

SBID believe a responsible supplier needs to provide long-term quality service as well as after sales care for designers. The prospective partner will share and demonstrate this commitment to exceptional trade service.

4. Sustainability

SBID promotes sustainability in all business activities. The professional industry partner should demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through product manufacture and use.

5. Value for Money

Products and services must demonstrate good value.


Use of the accreditation logo across a website, marketing collateral, client pitches and stationary establishes you as a professionally qualified, trusted and experienced designer or industry partner. This creates an assurance to members, clients and customers that by appointing an SBID Accredited Designer or using an SBID Accredited Partner’s products, they are safeguarded from unregulated providers and will therefore receive the highest level of professional service.

To find out more about becoming SBID Accredited, click here

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SBID Accreditation

What makes SBID Accreditation different

We pioneered Accreditation as the highest level of competence defined by education, ongoing training (CPD) and experience. In doing so we protect the greater public.

*There isn’t a specific pre-eminent Interior Design body in the UK as defined in law.

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What does a designer do?

An interior designer’s role is to sell qualified advice for an interior space to provide ultimate safety, wellbeing and performance for its users intended purpose.

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SBID Accreditation

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Becoming ‘SBID Accredited’ means that you have had the highest assessed industry benchmark* in a promoted category of interior design capabilities.
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