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Becoming ‘SBID Accredited’ means that you have achieved the highest assessed industry benchmark by SBID for competence in interior design*

Accreditation acknowledges process, skill, experience and knowledge to execute a client brief ©️

*There are currently no national competency standards set by the Government in the UK or even in most countries around the world. Therefore SBID has created a scheme to provide recognition for varying levels of competence and practice. As SBID champion competence and training, it is no surprise that the levels of experience were graded against acquired knowledge and professional acumen. SBID Accredited is therefore the highest title of competence bestowed by SBID.

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SBID Accredited Interior Designer

Interior Designer 

Become an SBID Accredited Interior Designer and certify yourself as a trained professional who abides by a globally recognised code of practice, operating at the highest standards of design, quality and professionalism. 

Industry Partner Accreditation

Manufacturer or Supplier

Become an SBID Accredited Industry Partner and reach an audience of pre-qualified professional designers, connect with key industry stakeholders and build relationships with the SBID network and wider design community.

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Interior Contractor

Become an SBID Accredited Contract Partner and demonstrate the quality of your services to pre-qualified designers, network with SBID communities and connect with key professional audiences across the design industry.

Working towards Accreditation

Interior design professionals at all levels of their career can benefit from becoming SBID Accredited. From helping you decide if a career in interior design is right for you with our online courses, we also welcome those currently studying their degree in interior design to join the SBID Students membership for a head-start in your professional development.

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Interior Design Students

Are you currently studying interior design? Find out how you can claim free student membership with SBID and join us on your journey to becoming a fully qualified, SBID Accredited Interior Designer.

3 steps to reach SBID Accredited status:

1. Select your accreditation category and complete the enquiry form below.

Your enquiry will be sent to the Accreditation team who will get in touch with you.

2. SBID will carry out the necessary checks to confirm appropriate membership status.

Due diligence checks are completed to verify accurate and appropriate accreditation level.

3. You will receive acknowledgement of the review.

Accredited professionals are added to the SBID Accredited members register. You will be issued with a certificate, your Accreditation materials and access to the SBIDPro members-only platform.

SBID Membership Structure - Final

*Classification of ‘International’ vs ‘British’ is based on where you reside.

Become Accredited

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Accreditation helps you or your practice demonstrate a level of expertise to clients, separating qualified professionals from social influencers and hobbyists.
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SBID Accreditation

What makes SBID Accreditation different

SBID Accreditation is a marque of achieving a high level of professional competence defined by education, ongoing training and experience to protect the greater public.

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Accreditation Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

SBID supports its members in the promotion and protection of the global standing of British interior design.

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