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How to join SBID and become an Accredited member

Accreditation demonstrates the benchmark for professional standards, skills, processes, experience, and knowledge

SBID Interior Design Accreditation signifies design quality and a commitment to upholding industry standards as a widely-recognised marque for professional interior design. Our network forms an extensive community across the commercial and residential design sectors throughout the UK and beyond. Whether an emerging designer or established practice, by joining our specialist design community you can enhance your business with SBID’s professional trade directories, industry resources and exclusive benefits to help clients discover your services.

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3 steps to reach SBID Accredited status:

Review the accreditation criteria for the membership category that applies to you and your business.

When you’re ready to apply, enquire below to begin the simple 3-step process for accreditation.

     1. Enquire:

    Complete the below enquiry form and select your relevant profession. Your enquiry will be reviewed by the Membership team and they’ll be in touch to discuss your application, eligibility and pathway to accreditation.

    2. Verification:

    SBID will carry out necessary checks to confirm membership status. These are completed to verify accurate credentials and assign the appropriate level of accreditation.

    3. Acknowledgement:

    You will receive acknowledgement of the review.

    Successful applicants are registered with the appropriate membership level and added to our online trade directories. A certificate will be issued, along with any accreditation materials, industry resources and confirmation of your unique membership benefits.

    SBID Membership Structure 2022

    *UK or International Accreditation status is defined by where you reside or your registered business address.

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    Accreditation helps you or your practice demonstrate a level of expertise. It separates qualified professionals from social influencers and hobbyists.
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    How to Choose the Right Interior Designer

    What makes SBID Accreditation different

    SBID Accreditation is a marque of achieving professional competence and industry excellence defined by education, ongoing training and experience.

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    Code of Conduct

    The SBID Code of Conduct aims to maintain the global standing of British interior design and improve consumer protection.

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