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Becoming ‘SBID Accredited’ means that you have had the highest assessed industry benchmark* in a promoted category of interior design capabilities. Accreditation acknowledges process, skill, experience and knowledge to execute a client brief.©️

Interior Design professionals at all levels of their career as well as Industry Partners benefit from becoming SBID Accredited. We also welcome those currently studying their degree in interior design to join the SBID Students membership for a head-start in your professional interior design degree.

Eligibility Criteria

The first education based route to accreditation of a British Interior Designer was first established and launched in the UK by the Society of British and International Design in 2009. Originally adopted from the ECIA Charter of Education and later revised for British degree timeframes, the current entry level for an SBID Accredited Interior Designer requires:





Total: 6 years of training and industry work experience + 24 SBID recognised CPD points p.a. and Professional Indemnity Insurance


*For each missing year of education a substitute of 1.5 years additional work experience and an interview of project procurement is required. The interview lasts approximately 40 minutes and is measured by sector on a category point-system, this measure and other criteria. Successful applicants are invited to join as an interim Accredited Designer for twelve months leading to full Accredited Membership. Interviews are held across the UK.  

SBID Accreditation Categories

SBID Interior Design Professionals

• UK Interior Design Professional – SBID Accredited
• UK Interior Design Associate
• International Interior Design Professional
• UK Student

SBID Industry Partners

• UK Professional Industry Partner – SBID Accredited
• UK Platinum Partner – SBID Accredited

To find out more about our flexible accreditation structure, simply complete the form below, alternatively you can  contact us directly by emailing [email protected] or by telephone 020 7738 9383.


*SBID is the exclusive British representative member of the European Council of Interior Architects (Est.1992) whose purpose is to create and promote a unified standard of knowledge executed under EUROPEAN  law by each of 19 qualifying country members.

3 steps to become SBID Accredited

1.Complete the below enquiry form, selecting your accreditation category.

Your enquiry will be sent to the Accreditation team who will get in touch with you.

2.SBID will carry out the necessary checks to confirm appropriate membership status

Due diligence checks are completed to verify accurate and appropriate accreditation level.

3.You become ‘SBID Accredited’

  • Accredited professionals are added to the audited SBID Accredited members register, a certificate is issued along with the SBID Accreditation materials, access to SBID Pro will be emailed and you can take advantage of your accreditation benefits immediately.

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