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Professional Contracts for Interior Designers

Members can access the SBID’s free Interior Design Short Contract

To assist our community in the provision of professional interior design services and establish effective client and supplier agreements in the appointment of trades and services required for project procurement, SBID created the editable online contract exclusively for its registered designers in practice.

professional service contract, Interior Design Contracts

Why do I need it?

The SBID Interior Design Short Contract is designed for use in project procurement when it comes to managing client engagements, transactions and services provided by the interior designer. It serves to protect SBID registered designers and their clients from conflict, whilst allowing flexibility for amendments throughout project development. This provides additional comfort to the designer, the client and all appointed trades on an interior design project.

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How does the SBID Interior Design Short Contract help interior designers?

The contract was created specifically for the interior design industry with the needs and requirements of an interior designer in mind. It is suitable for a range of interior design services and is easy to understand and implement.

Using the SBID Short Contract can help to:

  • Empower members to provide design services with peace of mind
  • Define contractual terms, obligations and agreements for client engagements
  • Streamline the contractual processes for project procurement
  • Reduce the potential for problems to occur as a project develops
  • Provide flexibility by allowing additional works to be added during procurement
  • Promote best practice in the procurement of interior design services
  • Aid in the successful delivery of interior design projects

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professional service contract, Interior Design Contracts

Professional Accreditation

SBID Accreditation is the benchmark of professional achievement that signifies the highest level of interior design expertise in the industry, measured by knowledge, skill and experience.

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Accreditation distinguishes interior design experts from unregulated providers and equips members with the exclusive industry support, offers and ongoing training necessary for success.

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Code of Conduct

A statement of principles and expectations governing the behaviour of members in their professional conduct. Members are expected to act at all times with integrity, honesty and objectivity.

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