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Professional Service Contracts for interior designers

SBID has exclusively partnered with NEC Contracts to provide members with the Professional Service Contract endorsed by UK Parliament for the appointment of Interior Design Services ®️.

The NEC contract suite is preeminent in the UK for professional contracts used throughout the building supply chain. Designed to help to streamline processes, reduce the potential for problems and promote best practice in the procurement of services, the contracts empower its users to deliver projects on time, on budget and to the highest standards for the procurement of interior design works, services and goods.

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“Our contracts define contractual agreements across the sectors, including public, private, building and infrastructure – as well as all stages of a project lifecycle; from planning, design and management to the construction and maintenance. NEC Contracts are proud to partner with the SBID to provide its interior designers with access to this uniquely flexible and definitive end-to-end project management contract for the successful delivery of their interior design services.”

– Rekha Thawrani, Global Head of NEC

professional service contract, Professional Service Contracts

1. SBID Short Contract for Interior Design Services

The SBID Short contract is designed for limited transactions and services performed by the design member and their client. It is provided for multiple use to every Accredited and Associate designer as part of their annual membership fee. The contract is suitable for multiple services and permits additional works to be added during procurement.

Provided free with SBID membership.

professional service contract, Professional Service Contracts

2. NEC Professional Service Contract

This contract for professional design services provides adjustable terms throughout procurement of multi-faceted projects. The ‘live’ contract provides for amendment throughout the procurement phase to keep budgets and timelines on target. Easy to follow and use, interior design is now represented through the design and build industry platform with a contract to fit the many areas of liability and risk that designers are exposed to during project development

Members access the NEC contract via their Membership Account Manager.

professional service contract, Professional Service Contracts

3. NEC Professional Service Short Contract 

This contract provides the terms between two parties to provide a service, it could be consultants, engineers or experts who engage with designers to provide advice that designers rely upon when making decisions to execute and perform their professional duties. This contract may be used independently or in association with the NEC professional service contract

Members access the NEC contract via their Membership Account Manager.

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professional service contract, Professional Service Contracts


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