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In order to forge a successful commercial career in the creative industries, student designers must bridge the gap between training and practice

SBID can help students do this by linking them with an Accredited design professional as a mentor.

Employers usually seek applicants with creativity, as well as a good technical understanding of the production process for interior design in the residential or commercial sectors.

We are the UK representative within the European Council of Interior Architects (registered in Brussels) which is made up of 19 member nations. We provide a unique conduit for education exchange between the UK and the rest of the world through knowledge exchange, Zoom Video Conferencing and our official status with USA state universities since 2009. This relationship supports graduates to follow a route to employment through mentoring placements.

, Mentoring
SBID student design competition Designed for Business Student Award winners
Winners of Designed for Business 2018: Catherine Sinclair, Joshua Redican, Stefan Guiton, Anna Cuinu, Katarina Spenerova and Stephen Tozer awarded a total prize of £35,000 at the House of Commons

Mentoring supports and advances education and training in the profession of interior design.

We also provide mentoring opportunities through our student competition Get Me 2 The Top. Winners of this annual design competition benefit from a year-long virtual mentorship with a leading design agency, architectural firm or manufacturer.

For information about all SBID student competitions, click here.

To find out more about providing mentoring for a student designer, please contact us.

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