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SBID | The Society of British International Interior Design

The leading British professional member organisation for interior designers

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interior design accreditation, Homepage
interior design accreditation, Homepage
interior design accreditation, Homepage
interior design accreditation, Homepage
interior design accreditation, Homepage

The professional organisation registered in the UK to regulate and promote the interior design profession.

The UK has the third-largest creative industry in the world and is a leader in the field of interior design. Here at the SBID, we pride ourselves on being Britain’s leading professional interior design member organisation. We represent, defend and promote professional interior designers in the UK and in 71 countries worldwide.

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Professional Interior Design Accreditation

As an interior design organisation, our services are aimed at training and accrediting the UK’s current and forthcoming industry leaders. Hence, we are authorised to accredit interior design industry professionals for operating at the highest standards of professional practice.

SBID Accreditation

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Setting and developing industry standards

We encourage designers and partners to do better by developing agreements, guidelines and standards so that everyone co-operates to reach shared objectives and play by the same ethical rules and industry benchmark.

Aiming to promote a modern and inclusive design industry, our interior design organisation is a space where talent from diverse backgrounds can thrive without prejudice. We have a vision and part of that is ensuring that professional interior design unions, bodies, companies and practices are ready to change in a positive and inclusive way.

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Careers & Training

SBID supports a range of careers in interior design. From accreditation of UK university degree content to the continued professional development for practising interior designers. Maintaining quality, relevance and standards of interior design education.

SBID Accredited CPD Programme

Interior Design Course Accreditation

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29 April 2022

Meet the Buyer 2022

Network with the interior design industry, featuring a confirmed list of top-tier interior designers & decision-makers. Enquire for more information. Event Details
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