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The Society of British International Interior Design

The professional body registered in the UK to regulate and promote the interior design profession for our members

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Preparing the profession for change

Leading the way in the shaping of a modern and inclusive design industry, where talent from diverse backgrounds can thrive without prejudice. We have the vision to help prepare the profession for change, which will play a crucial role in driving our industries success

Developing standards for the industry

We encourage designers and partners to do better by developing agreements, guidelines and standards so that everyone co-operates to reach shared objectives and play by the same ethical rules

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Sea Change: Flood Resilient Architecture for the 21st Century

Explore how architecture is having to adapt to a growing climate reality: urban flooding. Discover projects by leading architects around the world in the field of flood resilient architecture. Event Details
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Careers & Training

Careers & Training

SBID is government accredited to measure and independently accredit content taught to the next generation of students on a baccalaureate degree course of a UK university.


Interior Design Course Accreditation


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