Why Becoming An Accredited Interior Designer Is Important To You & The Industry 10th May 2022 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

The interior design industry is booming, with thousands turning to experts for help with improving and developing their homes, business or office. But how can practicing interior designers distinguish themselves in this competitive market and contribute to a future of safe, compliant and professionally-designed interiors? One way is to become accredited through The Society of British & International Interior Design (SBID).

Read on for what an accredited interior designer is and why they are important to the industry.

 Regulate The Industry

With the rise of social media and people deciding to start their own businesses, there has been an increase in untrained hobbyists branding themselves as professional interior designers, with no real qualifications to back them up. This has led to many customers who are seeking an interior designer, to end up working with someone unqualified and inexperienced. As a result, clients could find themselves let down with the service they receive, which can negatively impact upon project costs, timelines and public safety.

By becoming an accredited interior designer, you can help with regulating the industry. Regulating the industry puts more faith in the profession, improves the outcome of interior design projects, and raises professional standards as a whole. Accreditation showcases your expertise and skill for providing professional interior design advice and services that are backed by knowledge, qualifications and experience.


Attracting Clients

By being an accredited interior designer, you’re more likely to attract clients to you. That’s because they’ll know you put in the time and effort to achieve the accreditation and can demonstrate the professional standards required to receive it. This provides assurances that you will be able to deliver an expert service to high industry standards.

The SBID’s online Designer Directory serves as a useful tool for potential clients to find verified professionals who are dedicated to operating at the highest levels of practice and achieving excellence. Your practice will be among an extensive database of accredited interior designers and design studios, where potential customers can browse by project specialism, location and keyword to find a designer that specifically suits their needs and vision. This also helps to increase your online visibility, and ultimately, generate leads for your business.


Access Exclusive Resources

Aside from enhancing your professional profile and improving your industry reputation, becoming an accredited interior designer with SBID will give you access to a range of exclusive professional resources. From specialist insurance and legal advice, to professional service contracts to use for your client engagements.

You can also explore our directories for sourcing recommended trade product suppliers and construction services, as well as find live and on-demand CPD activities for your professional development.

In addition, SBID members receive exclusive offers to participate in industry awards, access to key trade events, and a unique package of promotional benefits to share your latest achievements, project news and expertise.


Interior Design Accreditation From SBID

If you’re an interior designer who wants to gain accreditation, get in touch with The Society of British & International Interior Design (SBID). We are the leading British member organisation for professional accreditation that seeks to promote and regulate the profession of interior design in the UK.

Find out more about our levels of accreditation, and what’s required to be a fully SBID Accredited Design Professional. You must be able demonstrate your level of knowledge through years of education and experience, as well as show proof of valid professional indemnity insurance.* This means when working with an SBID Accredited interior designer, a customer will know they are trained to the highest standard and are dedicated to providing the upmost professional service to work with clients and fulfil their design vision.

*Associate level is available for designers working towards full accreditation to showcase their commitment to the industry and their professional development.

If you’d like to find out more about SBID accreditation, give us a call on 0207 738 9383 or visit our website today.