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SBID upholds industry standards for professional interior design practice

The Society of British and International Interior Design (SBID) is the UK’s largest membership organisation for the interior design profession. As the industry’s accreditation body, SBID champions professional standards and best practice across its extensive network of A&D professionals, representing a community of accredited interior designers, architects, suppliers and specialists.

The standards SBID uphold create a route for design professionals and trainees to enhance their profile, whilst building valuable industry relationships. Under SBID’s wing, our professional members can sustain and improve business or career prospects by operating at the highest levels of competence and taking advantage of SBID’s exclusive membership benefits.

Representing British Interior Design

SBID is the leading British accrediting body and representative of professional interior design in the UK. SBID champions industry excellence and supports professional trading standards across it’s network of interior designers, architects and manufacturers; representing, protecting and promoting the interior design profession across 71 countries to raise the profile of professional interior design around the world.

Celebrating interior design excellence

As part of its extensive global interior design awards programme, SBID hosts the renowned annual international design awards. Once a year, highly regarded design professionals from around the globe travel to London to attend this prestigious, sell-out ceremony in celebration of global design.


Accrediting interior design Honours Degree courses

SBID Get me 2 the Top Student Competition Winner for Public Space
SBID Get me 2 the Top Student Competition Winner for Public Space

SBID is authorised to accredit honours degree courses provided by accredited institutions in order to permit professional practice within the interior design industry. In 2015, SBID was listed as an official accrediting body of the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) under the Key Information Set (now the Unistats Dataset) for interior design, where it registered five modules for a BA Interior Design course. This made SBID the first organisation in the industry to become a content provider for professional practice and education.

Shaping industry developments

Having been the interior design industry’s sole government representative for over a decade, SBID holds an influential position as the formal advocate of professional standards and business guidelines for interior design.

Making significant steps towards Trademark, Copyright and Intellectual Property Protection for the industry, SBID also meets with the Greater London Agency of the Bank of England each quarter to discuss the economic and business conditions affecting the SME sector. This has led to a variety of trade agreements in the UK and worldwide that in turn have helped to bolster the industry’s growth, despite the various difficulties of recent years.

SBID Conference
From Left: Leo Telling, BBC; Peter O Doherty, Detective Chief Superintendent, City of London Police; Dr Vanessa Brady OBE, SBID; Tony Nash, TM Eye Ltd.

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SBID History

Learn about SBID’s journey; from key challenges and successes to our mission for the future of interior design as we continue to grow and thrive in keeping with industry standards.

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SBID Partnerships

On behalf of its members and partners, SBID has protected, promoted and celebrated the interior design profession in the UK and around the world.

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SBID Board & Directors

Collectively we have the experience, ability and tenacity to create a valued industry voice locally, nationally and around the world.

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