What designer rugs can bring to your home… 27th October 2014 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

Take a look round a room or a space in your home – does it lack something? Does it need colour or excitement?

The thought of spending hours looking at paint colour charts, let along getting the brush out, may be something that, right now, you don’t have time to do. Or, maybe, the room does not need re-decorating, it is just missing something

Designer rugs from The Rug Retailer could be the answer, but don’t just take our word for it.

Interior designs will tell you that a designer rug will anchor a room, it will define a space, it will add warmth and the much needed layers and texture every room needs to feel and look ‘completed’. Choose wisely and a rug will tie all the pieces and aspects of a room together.

The best way of using a designer rug is…?

There are numerous ways but before you spend your hard earned cash on a designer rug, with flair and style, consider for a moment what you want the rug to do:

Zones – interior designers like to talk of ‘zones’. What this essential means is separating areas so that certain spaces of a room take on certain functions. Open plan or other cavernous spaces can often seem too big a void to fill, but with a designer rug well placed is a certain section there is no need for walls or items of furniture to section spaces. With a rug, tied in maybe with soft furnishings such as cushions or maybe a splash of colour or art on a wall, what can seem a dark corner of a room can suddenly be transformed into a place to relax, read or snooze… get the picture?!

Think about the space and how you could use it better – could a designer rug help separate space?

Sizes – on one hand, you need rug that fits a room but increasingly, the modern trend in interior design is to layer rugs and to do this, you simply must have different sized rugs. Open plan spaces will often have more than one rug in it, but you will notice that they are different sizes (if you have very daring, you can opt for different shapes too!)

Unless you want to cut a room in two, use different sized designer rugs, never two the same size!

Mixing patterns still means harnessing key elements; using another pattern with a similar shade of pink or a dramatic splash of deep purple, and a curvaceous design will fit this pattern perfectly

Mix and match styles (within reason) – a key interior design trend in 2014, leading in to 2015, is to mix and match styles and patterns  but, to get the true effect, there needs to be a common elements running through all the different styles and component parts. For example, the floral pattern look is still in and there are many design rugs that complement such a theme BUT, if you want to add more than one pattern pick two or three key colours, and an element of the design and keep these as a constant. For example, ditsy flowers with birds in shades of blue and pink, with a darker, earthier tone of blue to keep the pattern flowing is important.

Mixing and matching with designer rugs is great but keep a sense of harmony be using colour and key aspects of the pattern.

The starting point – of course, the best way of incorporating a designer rug in to any scheme is to start with the rug!

Designer rugs can often use bespoke mixes of colour and pattern that, if you attempt to tie your interior design scheme into the rug may prove more difficult. There is no doubt that selecting a favourite rug is the best place to start…

And when it comes times to revamp the walls and soft furnishings, you will find that once again you have more choice (and an easier time) of getting items and colours to match and contrast.

Ramp it up or tone it down – designer rugs also offer a versatility unheard of in many cases; if you want to tone down a space, adding stillness and understated elegance then there is a range of designer rugs for this purpose or maybe you want to add drama and colour!

Wherever you are on the spectrum of interior design drama, there is a designer rug that can serve as a focal point, whether that is in terms of colour and pizzazz, or understated elegance.

The size and shape of it – many people are in awe of designer rugs but feel at a loss as to how they will ‘fit’ the scale of their room. There are many clever design hints and tips that can help you and why not seek inspiration from others who have created spectacular interiors?

Designer rugs can offer so much that it pays to take time and energy into choosing the right one; their quality and versatility means it could last a life time (if not longer!) in any home. It can be the cosy platform on which you children learn to roll, tumble, walk and read; it will be the mainstay item that you will covet and cherish – go on, take another look at our designer rugs.

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