SpeakEasy with Geoff Wilkinson: Garage Conversions Part 2 21st July 2020 | IN EXPERT INSIGHT | BY SBID

Episode Six

SpeakEasy with Geoff Wilkinson

Following on from Geoff Wilkinson’s first appearance on the SpeakEasy podcast, this episode revisits the topic of garage conversions with Building Inspector and managing director of Wilkinson Construction Consultants, as Vanessa Brady presents key questions submitted by SBID members.

Converting a garage into a usable home office sounds simple enough, but there are considerations you must bear in mind before you start picking up the power tools and knocking down walls! Geoff offers his wealth of expertise in the construction industry to answer a series of follow-up questions on the topic of garage conversions, addressing some of the more technical considerations from plaster boarding, air conditioning and effective energy supply, to window applications, security systems and insurance.

Tune in to the whole conversation to discover more.

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