SpeakEasy with Geoff Wilkinson: Garage Conversions 18th June 2020 | IN EXPERT INSIGHT | BY SBID

Episode Three

SpeakEasy with Geoff Wilkinson

In this episode of the SpeakEasy podcast series, SBID founder, Vanessa Brady, talks garage conversions with Geoff Wilkinson, Managing Director of Wilkinson Construction Consultants.

Despite the easing of lockdown measures, our daily lifestyles may never be the same. As lifestyle patterns continue to shift, and we’ve had plenty of time to re-assess our new working environments and re-consider what is important in our homes, the need for functional and comfortable home offices comes to the forefront.

Finding that all-important extra space can be a challenge, but construction specialist, Geoff Wilkinson shares his expert advice and outlines some of the important considerations to bear in mind if you’re thinking of turning an old garage into a usable office space!

From discussing planning permission practicalities and insurance to ventilation and window fittings, Vanessa provides a unique, professional perspective on converting garages with respect to achieving effective interior design that is compliant and fit-for-purpose.

Tune in to the whole conversation to discover more.

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