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SBID Awards Sponsors 2019: The Story Behind Sans Souci

10:30 23 September in Public Space Design

SBID caught up with this year’s SBID International Design Awards sponsor for the Public Space Design category. Dominik Cienciala, Business Development Manager at Sans Souci talks about how the Czech provider of tailor-made light fixtures use their refined skill, expertise and drive for innovation in the art of decorative glass fixtures to deliver superior lighting and glass solutions for interior designers.

What are the origins of your brand?

Sans Souci is a Czech designer, solution maker and producer of decorative glass lighting fixtures, glass objects and architectural features. Our know-how combines many years of experience, knowledge of blending traditional production of crystal installations with latest technologies such as nano-coating, as well as 3D printing. Our bespoke installations can be found across the world, from the USA to Japan, either in hotels, private residencies or super yachts.

How do you work with interior designers?

We closely cooperate with interior designers from the beginning until the end of a project. The company has representatives across the world, who are experts in glass objects, lighting and delivering the best solutions. Our aim is to collect information about a project through personal meetings and discussions over mood boards. Our internal designers work alongside with clients and we develop visualisations and concepts together. Then we deliver drawings, final solutions and moving to our production. We focus on smooth and effective cooperation which leads to stunning installations and the client’s satisfaction.

What value does your sector add to the interior design industry?

Sans Souci is understood as an explorer and visionary in the glass industry. Our vision is to deliver great and quick service with innovative solutions. Therefore, we educate designers and partners about our capabilities as well as latest technologies. For instance, our nano-coating technology uplifts the characteristics of glass with practical features such as anti-reflex properties and unique colour finishes.

How does your offering enhance an interior designer’s projects?

We are flexible and quickly responding to the demands. In close cooperation with our production in the Crystal Valley in the Czech Republic, we give immediate answers about the production feasibility. Also, our trained representatives are capable of delivering immediate solutions and benefits of crystal finishes. We also believe that crystal and natural light plays a significant role in lighting up the spaces and designers/clients can benefit from our know-how, uniqueness, flexibility and follow the latest trends in natural settings of interiors.

Why did you want to become a sponsor for the SBID Awards?

Our cooperation started 7 years ago and its an honour for us. Through this opportunity we believe we can raise the visibility of Czech crystal production beyond the Czech republic and educate the world about our heritage, tradition and innovation.

The SBID International Design Awards winners for 2019 will be announced on Friday 25th October! 

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