The Story Behind Lalique 9th January 2020 | IN PRODUCT NEWS | BY SBID

Lalique represents timeless luxury and the French ‘art of living’. Supplying decorative glass and crystal interior homeware, jewellery, perfume and art, it has become the ultimate symbol of French luxury. As a proud sponsor of the SBID International Design Awards 2019 for the Residential Apartment Under £1M category, we interviewed the UK Managing Director of LALIQUE, Frederick Fischer to share insight into the origins of this high-end luxury brand.

What are the origins of your brand?

It is over 130 years since Rene Lalique founded the company in 1888. His career began as a designer working for Cartier and Boucheron, amongst others, and was regarded as the master of jewellery design in the Art Nouveau style. By the 1890s he was making jewellery for celebrities and public figures of the day including Sarah Bernhardt, who wore Lalique on the stage, which is where the term ‘costume jewellery’ derives.

His encounter with Francois Coty in1907 heralded his entry into the world of perfume bottles which led to Rene Lalique working entirely in glass by 1912. In 1935 he opened his boutique in Rue Royale, Paris. He died in 1945 and his son Marc Lalique replaced glass with crystal and raised Lalique’s profile to become the greatest crystal producer in France, if not the world. His granddaughter, Marie-Claude Lalique took the helm of the family enterprise in 1977, marrying modernity with tradition.

In 2008, Lalique was acquired by Swiss entrepreneur, Silvio Denz who has ensured continuity in its development, respecting traditional know-how centered on crystal, jewellery, fragrances, home accessories including furniture, lamps and decorative panels and most recently hotels and restaurants – a wide ranging orchestration of the brand’s timeless creations.

SBID Awards Sponsor Lalique featuring glass and crystal accessories

How do you work with interior designers?

Most designers come to Lalique with specific requests concerning pieces from existing ranges. If we receive detailed ideas of bespoke pieces that they would like to be created by us, we then work closely with our studio and the designer to tailor their requirements to the project. We may also adapt current lines to personalise a private interior.

What value does your sector add to the interior design industry?

Lalique is a timeless and elegant luxury that befits any interior. Be it a house, hotel or yacht that is adorned with Lalique, it instantly gives off an essence of a ‘prestige property’.

How do your services/offering enhance an interior designer’s projects? 

We provide bespoke solutions and build relationships based on trust.

Interior setting with SBID Awards Sponsor Lalique featuring glass and crystal accessories

What are the latest trends you’ve noticed in your client’s requests?

Our clients are not really driven by specific trends. However, I would say recently we have noticed more homes investing in large statement pieces such as the Mossi Vase in XXL for hallways and entranceways to make a bold statement. Our lighting range – chandeliers, sconces and table lamps are eternally popular. Lalique crystal panels are also hugely in demand – back lit in a wall or framed – whether the Merles & Raisins which adorned the interior of the Orient Express or the Eternal butterflies in vibrant colours by Damien Hirst – they are works of art.

Why did you want to become a sponsor of the SBID Awards?

To support and enhance the interior design community, which we are honoured to work with.

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