The Story Behind Foglie d’Oro 8th November 2019 | IN PRODUCT NEWS | BY SBID

SBID continues to dig beneath the surface with another one of the SBID International Design Awards sponsors, sponsoring the Show Flats & Developments category. Rita di Venere, Export Manager at Foglie d’Oro shares how the brand upholds the founding-family’s guiding principles in the noble art of wood to refine the traditional craft; bringing to market an authentic and high quality range of wood floors and surfaces which are actually ‘made in Italy’! 

What are the origins of your brand?

Foglie d’Oro is the luxury flooring brand of the Brotto family, for over 50 years the highest interpreter of a cabinet-making tradition that has its roots in time. Trained at a very young age in the noble art of wood, Sante Giorgio Brotto started his own business in 1966, building on his successes year after year, soon adding the realisation of high quality wood floors and surfaces.

The Brotto family represents the Italian mastery in the art of wood and the authentic ‘made in Italy’, with determination and passion. The beauty of creating beauty: this is the guiding principle, generation after generation, of the Brotto family. For this reason Foglie d’Oro is appreciated by a growing number of prestigious customers in Europe and around the world, from the US to Russia and China. A global outlook built on solid local roots: all products by Foglie d’Oro are manufactured at its headquarters in Rosà, near Venice, at the heart of a dynamic and creative territory, where excellence is an attitude and a lifestyle.

SBID Awards Sponsor Foglie d'Oro interior image with wood flooring
SBID Awards Sponsor Foglie d'Oro interior image with wood flooring

What value does your sector add to the interior design industry?

An awareness of environmental sustainability is increasing in the high end interior design market. The Brotto group interprets this philosophy in its most authentic sense, designing and manufacturing interiors that last and become a heritage to be handed down from generation to generation. An interior design project that uses the finest natural wood, ancient and at the same time surprisingly contemporary, is able to guarantee a unique synthesis of beauty, comfort and respect for nature. Wood is a living and versatile material and is able to find its application in environments with the most different styles – from rural chic to minimal, from classic to contemporary settings with concrete and metals.

How do you work with interior designers / How does your offering enhance an interior designer’s projects?

Foglie d’Oro offers a wide range of wooden floors, from simple planks and herringbones, to fully customizable design floors, available in many different finishes and materials. The company stands out for its ability to support specifiers and interior designers in the realization of complete and tailor- made projects. Above all, this can be done because of the complete control of the supply chain, responsibly sourced form FSC® certified forests of its own property, which allow to manage a raw material warehouse unique in the world for quantity and quality of wood.

The technical office works closely with architects and designers, following in a precise and timely way their creativity and technical requirements. A reliable and competent partner, Foglie d’Oro can support professionals working on projects from the initial brief all the way to the installation, not limiting itself to producing but also providing its own original technical and creative contribution to their clients.

sbid awards sponsor, The Story Behind Foglie d’Oro

What are the latest trends you’ve noticed in your client’s requests?

In a constantly changing market for luxury wood floors, we are seeing more demand for products with a contemporary look as well high design values and craftsmanship. The combination with different materials, such as brass, steel, marble and stone is also a growing trend.

As a result of its constant research and innovation, Foglie d’Oro is always developing new products. The range of colours and finishes is continually expanding to include a wide selection of contemporary colours, from natural soft greys to sophisticated dark fumed options. Products such as Matita and Azalea incorporate elegant brass and Mable inlays, which redefine the idea of floor as another element of decoration.

Why did you want to become a sponsor for the SBID Awards?

We are glad to support the SBID Award not only because it highlights and rewards design excellence all over the world, but also because it represents an important moment for elevating public awareness of design and strengthening the connection between business and design.

Sponsorship for the SBID International Design Awards 2020 is now open.

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