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To throw spotlight on creativity around the world, we profiled the SBID Masters of Design. In the Volume 7 Issue 1 edition of eSociety, we talked to the contemporary Chinese sculptor, Qu Guangci, about his approach to merging art with interior design.

In 1994 Qu Guangci won the Sculpture Award at the 8th National Fine Arts Exhibition, becoming the youngest winner in history at the age of 25.  As an artist he has attracted widespread attention for his contemporary sculpture language and his post-political expression techniques. Here’s what he had to say about the role of art in interior design…

How do you believe you can have a positive impact as an artist? 

As an artist, I measure effort and establish standards from the perspective of the spirit of humanity. I see art as being something like a ‘home accessory’ because we try to demonstrate that art can have a positive effect on the relationship between people and the home. This change in the relationship enhances the connection between people, objects, and spaces. It is a challenge as well as an opportunity to improve people’s lives.

Have you always wanted to work in interior design? 

It wasn’t my first intention. When I was creating artistically, for me tracing the logic between my art and the spaces in which my artworks will be displayed became more interesting then the creation of new things themselves. I love the feeling when I decode that underlining connection. I founded X+Q Art in 2010 as an experiment in associating art with interior design. I’ve talked to many successful interior designers around the world to refine our artworks in order to perfectly incorporate them into their spaces and to measure how successful the connection is between the two.

Qu Guangci for his interview about in feature of eSociety interior design magazine

Do you think that art and design can make the world a better place? 

To me, art is perfection. It is a phenomenon of a well-balanced relationship among people, nature, and everything in the universe. Creating art is like creating such a relationship. The ultimate purpose is to show people where they can find that point in the relationship where their lives are perfectly balanced.

Read the rest of this feature to discover more about Qu Guangci. From his thoughts on the difference between Chinese and Western design and the project he is most proud of, to what influences him creatively and the advice he would give to the next generation of creatives.

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Qu Guangci, contemporary Chinese scultptor and Founder of X+Q Art 

This feature originally appeared in the SBID Masters of Design section within Volume 7 Issue 1 of the official SBID interior design magazine, eSociety.

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