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The Interior Edit: Products July 2019

17:53 19 July in Product

This July, our product highlights for the month offer design solutions for a range of spaces; from kitchen to bedroom, bathroom and home office! With sustainable storage and furniture solutions to add practicality to home offices, or functional modular wardrobe systems to create stylish spaces for organising bedrooms, we’ve got the latest recommendations for every room! Scroll to find out more.

Since USM’s very beginning, sustainable development has been a keystone of its business

As a furniture company, that means two things. Firstly, it holds itself to the very highest standards when it comes to the materials and production methods it uses and the energy and emissions it produces. Secondly, USM does everything it can to provide its customers with furnishings that allow them to live in a sustainable manner. USM build and frequently redevelop its factories and workshops to meet a high standard of environmentalism. The steel at the heart of its products is highly recyclable, and its manufacturing processes are carefully built around the goals of energy efficiency and almost total recyclability at every stage.

In 2007, USM became the first European company to be certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute for the low particle and chemical emissions of its products. Low emissions make home and work environments healthier by reducing indoor air pollution. In 2018 its continued dedication to sustainability awarded USM the Cradle to Cradle® certification for its USM Haller and USM Kitos M ranges.

USM build products that endure: wear-resistant materials, fine craftsmanship, durable designs, and timeless style all ensure that USM furniture lasts a lifetime.

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A functional, designer model with a strong contemporary accent: Martini presents the Essenza wardrobe

Choosing the right wardrobe plays a fundamental role in the organisation of the bedroom. Martini offers flexible, modular systems to meet every need, creating the ideal solution for keeping clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery in order, and the new Essenza wardrobe has been conceived to allow the project designer to create furnishings with no limits, with or without doors. For a functional, designer setting with a strong contemporary accent, the Martini programme of walk-in and closed wardrobes in Titanium Oak and Platinum White is given an extra touch of elegance thanks to the leather coverings and metal details. The light-coloured interiors are completed with an endless variety of accessories and LED lighting.

With shoe and clothes racks, accessory compartments and shelves available, the Martini wardrobe can be customised for both him and her. The composition designed for him is in India Rosewood, with dark leather and metal profiles with a brass finish. Dividers, rasters and shoe holder elements help optimise space and keep clothes and a whole range of different clothing accessories in perfect order. The wardrobe for her is light and sophisticated, with Platinum White lacquering that highlights the brushed steel details. The spaces are equipped with painstaking detail, and the island features an elegant, supremely practical make-up area. The matte, satin-finish steel adds a vintage touch to the whole structure, and the pull-out columns and parts fitted with doors offer a stylish environment for belongings.

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Introducing the THG Paris West Coast Collection with Timothy Corrigan

With offices in Paris and Los Angeles, Timothy Corrigan’s timeless design philosophy combines European elegance with California comfort. Timothy comments on his recent collaboration with THG Paris:

“I have always been so impressed by the beautiful design and extraordinary attention to detail that one finds in all of the THG Paris products, that one cannot but compare them to jewellery for the bathroom. The intricate details and pleasure that one feels when touching the handles turns a routine and often mundane experience into one that is special. For me, beauty and detail are a basic part of the THG Paris DNA. With that thought in mind, I looked back at a period when jewellery and decorative objects became a greater part of a everyday life: the 1920’s and 30’s. When some of the most beautiful silver and jewellery pieces were created by such leading French and American jewellery makers as: Cartier, Christofle, and Tiffany’s.”

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Cosentino’s  Dekton® Stonika blends with nature to create 4 classic colours of a hyper-realistic beauty

Vibrant veined patterns and textures with the highest technological performance of a revolutionary surface. Dekton® Stonika upholds Cosentino’s high quality standards with its thermal and scratch resistance; belonging to the XGloss collection, it retains the same scratch properties as other polished colours. Base and surface react in the same way to temperature changes, avoiding common cracks caused by the difference in expansion between the two elements.

Inspired by the quartzite of the Taj Mahal, the Dekton® Stonika Taga is an interpretation adapted to current trends while maintaining the character of natural stone. The general greyish tones with marble and crystalline veins enhance its natural structure. Its splendid sheen and aesthetic quality contribute to making this a premium model.

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Bisque launches competition to find the next generation of stylish radiators

Named one of The Observer’s CoolBrands three years in a row, Bisque paved the way for a radiator revolution. Notable models include the Leaf and Cactus radiators, while partnerships with the likes of Paul Priestman have kept Bisque at the forefront of cutting-edge radiator design ever since.

The pioneering British design brand has announced an exclusive competition to find the ‘next big thing’ in luxury radiators and celebrate its landmark 40th anniversary. Budding designers and Bisque fans alike will be invited to join the movement and make their mark on the design industry by creating the brand’s newest model. Eagle-eyed Bisque fans may recall the last time Bisque invited the public to design a new model to join its repertoire. The prize model, the Archibald – designed by Italian Leo Salzedo – went on to win the 2006 designboom competition and is still one of the brand’s most iconic and instantly recognisable radiators today.

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