The Interior Edit: Products December 2018 20th December 2018 | IN PRODUCT NEWS | BY SBID

Whether you want to ensure your client’s showers are safe and stylish with innovative design and anti-slip surfaces; make your colour selections easier with the newest Colour Atlas on the market; or even design a bespoke, statement finish for your glass projects – browse our December edit of newly released products and developments to upgrade your designs for the year ahead.

RAL product feature for SBID interior design blog

The new RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus, D4 Colour Atlas has been released

The new RAL DESIGN SYSTEM is based on a 3D MODEL. It arranges the colours in three dimensions, according to hue, lightness and saturation. The Colour Atlas makes the system available in a handier binder and thus presents a swift, systematic overview of the over 1,825 current colour nuances with colour codes and additional colour information, which, for example, helps trend consultants in the development of collections.

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RAK Ceramics product feature for SBID interior design blog

RAK Ceramics shower tray Collection receives Award for ‘Best Bathroom Innovation’

Imagine a shower area where quality and harmony merges with form and functionality, providing users with the utmost comfort. The new RAK Ceramics shower tray, RAK-Feeling, with elegant and contemporary lines will give bathroom designs unique character and enhance those essential moments of relaxation. A luxurious finish with stone effect adds a distinctive feel to the shower area, as well as being pleasant to the touch.

RAK-Feeling is also made of RAKSOLID, a durable material composed of a mixture of natural minerals and resins with anti-slip safety. RAKSOLID meets the highest safety standards, classified in DIN 51097 Class C (the highest achievable level of slip resistance). With a surface that prohibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, alongside an excellent resistance to chemical products, the design ensures greater safety and hygiene. This is confirmed by the strictest chemical resistance tests required by the EN 14527 Standard. Additionally, the shower trays are not affected by exposure to light, proven by xenon arc lamp tests, which simulate sunlight on shower trays and verify the effects of ageing (EN ISO 4892 Standard).

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Sandy Bay product feature for SBID interior design blog

Sandy Bay London introduces the new Gentlemen’s Club range

Sandy Bay London was borne from my love of interiors and home décor. With the desire of providing an accessible luxury, for both male and female customers which can be used every day. So this is where the new range comes in; the Gentlemen’s Club Collection is designed for men, but the ladies love it too. The range is presented in impressive black and gold glassware, with stylish branding featured on both the candle and packaging. The Gentlemen’s Club comprises of 7 on-trend Fine Fragrance Blends which have been given catchy names such as City Boy, Forever Man, The Charmer, True Gentleman, Countryman, The Boss and Oudh Enigma.

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Franklite product feature for SBID interior design blog

Franklite launches 80 new product lines in their new Supplement for 2018/2019

Franklite announced the launch of their latest products for the 2018/2019 season. With the new Supplement showcasing over 80 new product lines, from traditional to contemporary, Franklite provide products to meet all a designer’s lighting needs. Featuring the Centrix 14 light fitting in a classic old gold finish, this light was designed to add contemporary focal point to any design scheme and even comes with fully adjustable arms which can be manoeuvred to fit and suit any space.

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Daedalian Glass product feature for SBID interior design blog

Bespoke glass designs for the interior industry with Daedalian Glass Studios

Since 1986, Daedalian Glass Studios have successfully completed hundreds of glass design projects in the UK and overseas. Their unique glass designs have featured in five star hotels, foreign embassies, public buildings, commercial properties, places of worship, luxury private residencies, super-yachts and royal palaces. While all of their designs are completely distinct, they all share the same passion, creativity, hard-work and commitment to quality take it takes to produce them.

While no two projects are alike with their bespoke offering, they have developed a tried and tested process for managing glass design projects based on decades of service to the industry. Building up a reputation as experts in delivering both unique architectural features and artworks that add real value to a project, their clients range from interior designers and architects to procurement agents, contractors, property managers, artists, and private individuals.

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Velvenoir product feature for SBID interior design blog

VELVENOIR released their December selection of curated art with SBID member discount 

The international boutique art consultancy and concierge, Velvenoir offer SBID members complimentary art consultancy services and access to a curated, in-house art inventory with expert guidance as well as exclusive trade offer of 10% off any piece of art within their December selection.

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