Why Are Networking And Events Important For The Interior Design Industry? 9th August 2022 | IN DESIGN EVENTS | BY SBID

The world of interior design is one that is constantly evolving, changing visually and conceptually alongside current trends, shifting schools of thought, client requirements and consumer lifestyles. As designers and professionals, it is vital that we stay informed and connected within this ever-changing sphere.

Only through meeting new people and exposing ourselves to fresh and exciting ideas and concepts are we able to better our own craft. As is true within any creative industry, networking is crucial within the world of interior design. Not only do events help us to find new inspirations and ideas, they allow us to establish connections with potential clients, project partners, suppliers and designers alike.

In order to succeed as designers, constant attention must be paid to the creative landscape surrounding us. The importance of networking and events cannot be overstated; it generates mutually beneficial relationships from which we can draw inspiration and to which we can contribute our own ideas. By learning and drawing from the latest trend or newest innovations, we are able to build our own skillsets and give back to the design community. Interior design is at its best when the industry and all its stakeholders on a project work together to produce stunning, professional and well-crafted designs.

As the leading interior design community for qualified industry professionals, The Society of British & International Interior Designers works to creates and promotes networking opportunities through a variety of partnerships and events.

Here is our guide to the importance networking and events within the industry!


Interior design is all about creativity and originality. It is a world that thrives on the birth of new ideas and bold concepts. But, as we all know, nothing is created in a vacuum; sourcing inspiration is a major part of any creative process and interior design is no exception. It doesn’t matter if you are at an exhibition, trade show, business seminar or awards night, inspiration and opportunity lies everywhere.

Networking and attending events within the interior design community is a tried and tested means of finding inspiration and fueling your creative flame. By attending events, you are exposed to a multitude of new designers and creatives that would otherwise remain unknown. This can lead to new ideas, new projects, new business opportunities and new collaborations (we’ll look into these shortly).


Always Learning: Events As Interior Design Education

As with every creative profession, there will never be a point at which you know everything. Some may think they do, but they don’t. However, this isn’t a bad thing. As an interior designer, there is always more to learn, new work to discover and exciting original ideas to witness or develop. The career of a professional interior designer is a path of life-long learning.

One of the most valuable aspects of attending events and networking within the design industry is the constant exposure to knowledge, new innovations and the opportunity to educate oneself further to advance skills and designs.

Whether you are hoping to expand your creative horizons, or gain further insight into the business side of interior design, CPD events are invaluable tools for designers and businesses alike. New events and engagement opportunities are constantly cropping up and, as they are often run by the industry leaders and trade specialists, can act as incredible sources of information and education.

From training seminars and webinars, to talks, trade shows and design festivals, The SBID’s event calendar is a brilliant way to stay up to date with upcoming events and opportunities.


Staying Current

One of the most exciting things about the world of interior design is the speed at which it moves. The world is constantly being brightened by new designers, fresh ideas and intuitive thought. In the modern world, technology means we have instant access to the latest trends, emerging fashions and new technologies.

However, this pace also means it is more important than ever to stay in the loop. Knowing the ins and outs of the industry is key to staying relevant and keeping your work fresh. This isn’t to say you should simply follow the trends, but when it comes to client relationships and collaboration, you need to know what is ‘in’ and what could be next.

Networking and events is one of the greatest ways to stay updated and on top of trends and design patterns. Attending events, such as those run and promoted by The Society of British & International Interior Designers, is a great was to discover what other professionals are working on, as well as hear their predictions for the future of the industry and emerging trends.

Moreover, staying up to date allows you to keep a keen eye on the competition, future-proof your designs and ensure your work stands out in the marketplace.


Community: Meeting UK Top Interior Designers and Clients

No matter your position within the industry, whether you’ve got a lifetime of experience behind you or you’re an entry-level designer, networking is essential. It is through meeting other professionals and establishing relationships that you are able to progress your career and share in one and other’s successes.

Establishing yourself as an interior designer is reliant on a number of key factors. Aside from the obvious hard-work and talent, it takes collaboration and interaction across the design community. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, and there’s truth in the saying.

Everyone knows it can be difficult starting out as a creative or small business, especially if you work on your own. By attending events such as seminars and exhibitions, designers are able to forge business relationships, meet prospective clients and create future opportunities for themselves.

This sense of community is by no means limited to business partners, it involves friendships, mentorships and collaboration. Simply surrounding yourself with other likeminded experts enables you to build up a support network, sharing ideas, experiences and giving advice to improve the industry as a whole.

The Society of British & International Interior Design hosts a range of events, from design awards, to breakfast meetings and networking days. All of which exist as methods of connecting designers, product suppliers, service providers, as well as potential clients, promoting the development of fruitful relationships between businesses and creatives.


Networking Effectively

Sure, networking means different things to different people. But at its simplest, it’s just about meeting people you have something in common with and getting to know each other to explore how you could potentially work together or collaborate on upcoming projects. Creatives often feel somewhat uncomfortable when presented with the prospect of network events, but it shouldn’t be a difficult or stressful experience for anyone.

There are a few simple things to bear in mind when attending events and networking with other industry professionals:

Firstly, having a brief pitch prepared when meeting potential clients or partners is a great way to convey your ideas and increase the chance of generating new opportunities that align with your business. This doesn’t need to be an in depth business plan or your whole creative philosophy; just explaining what you do, why it could be of use and what you’re looking for is great starting point.

Next, don’t stop. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s unlikely your business was either. Networking takes time and it can be a slow start. Just keep attending events and making new connections. The more you go to, the more great people you’ll meet and new ideas you’ll hear. After all, you never know who you’ll be speaking to next.

Finally, keep track of who you meet, what they do and how you could benefit each other. Whether they are clients, business owners or potential collaborators, it’s important to stay up to date with their work and follow up on any ideas or conversations. This will help you to stay informed, motivated and inspired!


Discover First-Rate Events With The Society Of British & International Interior Design

As a society, we’ve led the way in the world of interior design to encourage greater collaboration between academia, design practice and product supply. We partner and collaborate with numerous trade events and media publications to better our members’ experiences and knowledge of the interior design industry. We curate and endorse CPD activities, from exclusive business seminars to breakfast meetings, to stimulate and inspire industry change and improvement. These events are designed to bring together industry professionals and facilitate the development of partnerships and synergies for more collaborative project procurement.

Our event calender highlights some of the most exiting upcoming events and networking opportunities. These include Maison et Objet, Decorex, London Design Festival, the SBID International Design Awards and many more. Be sure to visit our event calender or sign up to our newsletter to learn more about the exciting opportunities and networking events in the future.

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