10 Reasons to Enter the SBID International Design Awards 2019 20th June 2019 | IN DESIGN EVENTS | BY SBID

Haven’t completed your entry for the 2019 SBID International Design Awards yet? Perhaps you’re still considering why you should be entering the SBID Awards this year? Here are ten great reasons why you should submit your entry before the deadline.

  1. Be recognised by one of the UK interior design industry standard bearers
    At SBID we set the standard for interior design through accreditation. Our strict criteria for membership ensure all SBID members possess the knowledge and experience to work to a high professional standard. Furthering professional knowledge and skills to promote the value of professional interior design across the industry, we work across many sectors, from government to higher education and international business.
  2. You won’t be hit by hidden fees or conditions
    In the SBID Awards, it’s impossible to buy your way to the top. Many competitions reel entrants in before hitting them with hidden costs in order to progress in the competition. Our T&Cs are transparent so you’ll never be asked to pay for extras. All information is on the website so it’s clear from the start what is involved. This means you can enter with confidence and know that only the most talented go far!
  3. Winning is only for the best
    Victory only has value when you’ve truly earned it. We’ve witnessed competitions where every entry is awarded a prize, which devalues the honour of winning. In the SBID Awards there is one Overall Winner and 14 Category Winners. Competition is stiff and not everyone walks away with one of our coveted awards; this exclusive approach means that owning an SBID Award is a true accolade. We’re proud that our awards don’t collect dust on a shelf – they are proudly displayed, widely recognised and internationally sought after!
  4. Have the chance to be published in print
    Each year, the SBID Awards finalists and winners are featured in the beautiful SBID Global Interior Design coffee table book. We don’t charge a fee for this (unlike some competitions) as we believe the worthiest projects earn recognition. As a record of the world’s best interior design, the book is a true showcase of global talent and your chance to be featured among the greats.
  5. Design talent recognised at every scale
    The SBID Awards welcome entries from practices of all sizes by keeping entry fees low and ensuring T&Cs are transparent. We know it’s the mix of small and large organisations that enriches the interior design industry; we do not see practice size as a barrier to success. We showcase the best talent and that’s why the SBID Awards are a platform for celebrating the breadth of professional interior design.
  6. Showcase your work to peers, potential clients and the press
    Since the launch, the SBID Awards have grown in reach and reputation around the world. Each year our list of finalists and winners reads like a ‘who’s who’ of international design expertise. The Awards are featured in globally consumed media brands such as the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and the Financial Times. Entering gives you have the chance to become part of our global community and connect with new audiences around the world.
  7. Creativity counts over budget
    Our judges are looking for technical and creative achievement which is not dependent on budget. We know that the bottom line is no indicator of great design, which is why the judging process is carefully controlled to ensure all projects are assessed fairly and independently. We feature great projects at all scales, from dazzling opulence to simply brilliant solutions – what they have in common is the ability to impress our expert judges.
  8. You’ll be assessed by the best
    Our three-tier judging procedure ensures only the best go all the way. All entries are assessed by a technical panel of experts while the judging panel consists of high-profile figures in the creative industry. This means recognition in the SBID Awards is a sign of true design excellence and creative achievement. The final tier is the public vote; in 2018 over 250,000 individuals cast their vote – what a great way to show off your best work!
  9. Boost your contacts and find new clients
    The Awards are an important opportunity for designers to network and make valuable contacts. Each year, we host an international community of designers during Awards Week. They come to London to meet potential clients at the Awards ceremony and the invitation-only House of Lords networking event. These occasions underpin our commitment to promoting the business of design.
  10. Get global recognition
    Standing out from your competitors is a vital part of running a business but can be hard to pull off when everyone’s fighting for attention. The SBID Awards are the perfect platform for showing the world who you are. They can also give your own marketing a digital boost. Appearing on the Awards website offers invaluable exposure and ups your brand’s visibility. You can benefit from all the work we do to promote the Awards and you’ll be in great company.

Convinced? The deadline for submissions is just over 2 weeks away; click here to submit an entry.