What to expect when attending SBID Meet the Buyer 13th September 2019 | IN DESIGN EVENTS | BY SBID

With the up and coming SBID Meet the Buyer event approaching next month, and spaces continuing to fill, we approached the SBID Accredited manufacturers and designers to share their perspective on attending the event.

From the Designers…

Which supplier(s) did you make contact with after attending the Meet The Buyer event?

“We had an introduction to the showroom and work of Nicholas Anthony, made contact for samples from Craig & Rose, and have also had several meetings with Vessel and Mottura with regards to upcoming project needs!” Clare Gaskin Interiors

“As an international entrant, it’s good to come and understand a different design market to ours (in New Zealand). The companies I contacted were very helpful and I will be keeping them in mind for the future! Some of them include Yves Delorme, Alexander Joseph,  Vitra, Taylist Media!” Celia Visser Design

attending meet the buyer, What to expect when attending SBID Meet the Buyer
Chelsea Waterfront project by Morpheus London

Did you purchase or use any products from suppliers within a project after the event?

“Yes, we based an outdoor furniture scheme on Sutherland Perennials range! Chic and contemporary. We chose a selection of products from the ‘Poolside’ collection which were used to dress a number of terraces and outdoor spaces – it looked fantastic!” Barclay Interiors

“We specified and ordered from Naturalmat for 2 projects; a bespoke mattress for a daybed in the nursery of our Islington Townhouse project and a more standard mattress for our Wimbledon Common project. We also found the perfect slab from MGLW Stone for a feature island in the same Wimbledon project. We have also specified products for current projects from Vessel (for a family house in Putney) and Mottura (for a penthouse in a new development in Fulham).” Clare Gaskin Interiors 

“I had further meetings with ABB and Craig & Rose. I also renewed our working relationship with Gradans ironmongery suppliers, who are based two hundred metres from our office but it took a meeting at the SBID Meet the Buyer event to sit and talk to them over the issues that had developed.”Cumberland Group

“We purchased two pieces of art for two different projects from Artfinder! The projects were Chelsea Waterfront, Hutchinson Development and Centre Point where we dressed a show apartment for Almacantar. For Chelsea Waterfront, we picked a piece that sits in the open dining/lounge area, complementing the rippling water of the Thames which the penthouse overlooks. In Centre Point we used a tryptic piece of artwork in the showroom.” Morpheus London

What did you enjoy most about attending?

“We felt there was a good range of suppliers, varying from furniture to lighting to ironmongery.” Barclay Interiors

“I really enjoyed Meet The Buyer as I was looking to see products that were new to me that I could use in the future. I also loved the talks in between the intervals and found them really useful. Plus. I met so many new people in the industry so came away with some great contacts.” Celia Visser Design

“We were really happy with the suppliers at the event and wouldn’t expect those suppliers to present more than they did. It definitely helps when they have their tangible products to look at rather than those with more of a service.” Morpheus London

From the Manufacturers…

How many leads did you generate from attending the event?

“We had 10 prearranged meetings with 8 additional impromptu meetings resulting from our display stand! Almost all of these were then followed up with product demonstrations at the designer’s studio/showroom!” Alexander Joseph

“We generated about 12 leads from the day and a number of those were even from Scotland (where the brand is manufactured) which is a great link!”Craig & Rose

“We were able to generate around 10-12 leads and found this to be a good event for quality rather than quantity!” Vectorworks

Alexander Joseph display stand attending meet the buyer event

Have any of your products been featured in a designer’s project from SBID Meet the Buyer?

“A number of the contacts we made at last year’s event have resulted in our products being used in or specified into projects. Perhaps the most noteworthy of these was being specified for a new luxury hotel in Asia by an international design group!”Alexander Joseph

“A number of our products have been featured in projects from Cochrane Design as result of SBID Meet the Buyer event!” Yves Delorme

What did you enjoy most about attending?

“It is great to attend an event that ensures all the participants are prospective customers.” Alexander Joseph

“The event provided the perfect opportunity to meet and network with designers throughout the day, not only within the meetings, but also during breaks and lunchtime.” Craig & Rose

“The event gave us a good opportunity to talk to potential leads who were really keen to find out more about our product, without the distractions that you would have at a big exhibition.” Vectorworks

What advice would you give to other manufacturers looking to attend?

“To get the most out of the event, use your social media channels to engage with SBID prior to the event, and have a clear view on what you want the show to do for you.” Alexander Joseph

“Present the maximum of your bespoke services and focus on key products!” Yves Delorme

If you’re interested in attending this year’s diverse day of networking with design and industry professionals, click here to enquire about booking.

attending meet the buyer, What to expect when attending SBID Meet the Buyer