What To Do If You’re An Aspiring Interior Designer 19th April 2022 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

There are many reasons to want to be an interior designer, and you should think carefully about whether the career path is right for you if you are serious about embarking on the journey of becoming a professional designer. You must want to make a commitment to helping people and creating impactful interior design solutions, as your designs will be used, lived and worked in for years to come, so you must put your all into every design you produce.

It’s not a job where you sit at a desk all day. You’ll be constantly on the move meeting with your clients, going to job sites, building your network of suppliers and exploring new trends and products in the industry. You must be willing to be collaborative, developing relationships with colleagues, clients and contractors so you can complete projects using your specialist contacts to the best of your ability.

Still want to become an interior designer? Read on for what to do if you’re an aspiring interior designer, and how The Society of British & International Interior Design (SBID) can help.


Study Interior Design 

Interior design is not a casual career for hobbyists, and you should therefore begin your journey to becoming an interior designer by completing a university course. But which university and course to choose? SBID assesses British university courses for content that will help a prospective student pick a course that will help them to develop a successful career.

We recognise universities where their course module structures meet SBID’s standards for appropriate interior design training; accrediting courses by measuring their content to ensure it reaches our expectations for professional application. We appoint Centre’s of Excellence for establishments that meet our vision, values and commitment to improving professionalism in the interior design industry. See the full list of Recognised Universities, Accredited Courses and Centres of Excellence here.


SBID Student Membership

Students enrolled on an SBID recognised interior design course are able to get a head start in their professional development by receiving free membership. You’ll receive a free membership throughout the course; one year of free Associate membership post-graduation and the ability to secure full SBID Accreditation once you’ve completed your third year in practice as a work-experience interior designer.

This membership will give you access to a host of resources that will help with your development, including training opportunities with industry experts, helping to nurture the next generation of talent in the industry.

If you’re not studying a recognised or accredited course you can also apply for a student professional society membership at a discounted rate.

Join SBID Today

If you’re an aspiring interior designer currently studying or looking to get started in the industry, get in touch with SBID today. We’re the leading British member organisation, seeking to protect and promote the interior design industry to drive growth.

When you become an accredited member of SBID, you’ll be added to our Design Directory, where clients can search for design professionals that they can trust to deliver a quality service for their needs. So if you want to find out more about SBID, call us now on 0207 738 9383 or visit our website today.