Top 10 Mistakes for Interior Designers to Avoid 20th July 2018 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

Sue Whimster Curtains, the specialist providers of bespoke window coverings, have assisted in the creation of beautifully designed, hand-made curtains, blinds and accessories on behalf of interior designers, private clients and property developers across London, Kent and Surrey since 1989. SBID spoke with Sue Whimster herself as she offers her valuable advice to designers when it comes to installing curtains into their interior design scheme.

“We work with interior designer’s day in and day out and our vast experience in creating custom curtains for their projects means that we’ve come across the many ups and downs that can affect their work, not to mention ours. As much as it’s helpful to give top tips for success, it also pays to bear the potential pitfalls in mind that can seriously hinder the success of any project. With that in mind, we thought we’d share our top mistakes that could cause problems or setbacks, and hopefully help us all work better together to get the very best results for everyone!” 

Here are Sue Whimster’s top 10 mistakes that interior designers should try to avoid when ordering curtains. . .

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