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What are the origins of your brand?

GRAFF’s founder and CEO, Ziggy Kulig, who is a highly skilled engineer, moved to the U.S. from Europe in the 1970s. With a passion for design innovation and an emphasis on high quality materials and precision, Ziggy had recognised the origin of the hand crafting and specialised artistic manufacturing and in 1990 he acquired the factory where GRAFF has been produced ever since. These values continue to underpin the GRAFF ART of Bath philosophy.

The factory is in Central Europe and it was founded in 1922. In 2002, GRAFF’s first design collection, Targa, debuted. Collections that followed, such as Luna, Ametis, Harley, and Vintage, along with the many architectural and design awards they have won represent GRAFF’s ability to continually raise the design bar.

bathroom product, The Story Behind GRAFF: Luxury Bathroom Products for Any Space

How do you work with interior designers?

We are honoured to work closely with extremely talented interior designers on a range of luxury projects around the world, from concept to finish. We organise samples necessary for client meetings, alternative finishes for the mood boards, finalising detailed specifications with a technical pack to serve further down the line towards project build and completion. We value our relationships with the interior designers, as well as their creativity, skill, and insights, our collaboration carries on from product customisation to creating bespoke bath spaces for clients in private residences, hotels, resorts, yachts, and private planes.

GRAFF is offering lunch and learn sessions for all interior design studios that are keen to find out about our products and the ways we can support them with their work. We encourage both existing and new practices to take this unique opportunity and reach out whenever our assistance is required.

Interior designers are drawn to GRAFF’s award-winning products, created by top designers in the industry. They include the renowned Swiss designer, Davide Oppizzi, who created the Ametis Collection, while the celebrated Milan-based duo of Matteo Nespoli and Alberto Novara designed the Dressage Collection. GRAFF’s own innovative G+ Design Studio designed the MOD+ Collection.

bathroom product, The Story Behind GRAFF: Luxury Bathroom Products for Any Space

What value does your sector add to the interior design industry?

Design excellence in the luxury bathroom brassware sector is key to adding value to the interior design industry. Through design excellence and innovation, GRAFF transforms the bath space beyond the quotidian, enhancing the physical, emotional, and aesthetic experience. We have 23 complete collections starting from the hand-crafted basin mixers, showers, and bath mixers to delicately designed accessories to match each range. At GRAFF every product is carefully produced from casting to hand polishing and elegant finishes.

We are a truly vertically integrated company, with 100% in-house production, assuring meticulous quality control and always conscious with regards to sustainability and green values.

bathroom product, The Story Behind GRAFF: Luxury Bathroom Products for Any Space

How do your services/offering enhance an interior designer’s projects?

At GRAFF, we design for timeless appeal, and for harmony with a broad range of interior and architectural styles. Our collections represent 3 design trends: contemporary, traditional as well as transitional. Interior designers can enhance their projects with our 20 finishes such as bronze, brass, 24K gold, architectural black, satin nickel, etc. Our new Vignola Collection, for instance, gives interior designers options for different combinations of handles, including a choice of three different Tuscan marble handle inserts. Our shower systems offer state-of-the-art technology, such as chromotherapy, hydrotherapy, and music therapy, adding a spa-like dimension to the bath space.

bathroom product, The Story Behind GRAFF: Luxury Bathroom Products for Any Space

What are the latest trends you’ve noticed in your client’s requests?

The trends we’re seeing focus on wellness, luxury, sustainability, and personalisation/customization. For instance, luxury multi-function showerheads geared to wellness are popular, such as those we offer with a variety of spray patterns and massage intensities. Technology drives current trends in exciting ways that make the bathing experience more spa-like.

Our digital controls for showers enhance the sense of ease and luxury, and LED lights conveniently indicate water temperature changes by changing colours. Our thermostatic shower systems control the water temperature, for the ultimate in comfort. The advanced technology of our Aqua-Sense and Ametis shower systems allows consumers to luxuriously immerse themselves in chromotherapy and sound.

Personalisation is one of the biggest aesthetic trends, and our collections offer boundless choices to meet that demand. Our designs complement and elevate bath spaces whether in historic mansions, seaside villas, country homes, or contemporary penthouses.

While the preference for wall mounted basin mixers continues, our collections offer the deck mounted versions as well, especially in the more classical styles such as Camden or Topaz Collections.

Sustainability is another important aspect and one on which GRAFF has long been ahead. GRAFF products have automatically included a water-saving device since 2012. We are ISO 14001 certified, meaning our products are designed to preserve energy and resources and lessen the impact on the environment. In our manufacturing, we have implemented zero-waste policies and adhere to strict international conservation, health, and safety standards. We also work with partners committed to such environmental and ethical practices, creating sustainable luxury bathroom products.

Questions answered by Delia Lakwera, UK Project Specifications Manager, GRAFF.

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