Telling Stories: Creating Narratives in Hotel Design with THDP 5th May 2021 | IN EXPERT INSIGHT | BY SBID

Episode Twelve

Telling Stories: Creating Narratives in Hotel Design with Nicholas Hickson

In this SpeakEasy Digital Discussion, SBID CEO & Founder, Dr Vanessa Brady OBE is joined by Nicholas Hickson, Founder and Creative & Technical Director of THDP Design.

With over 34 years of experience in interior design, Nicholas has worked on high-end interior residential and commercial projects both internationally and within the UK. Nicholas has extensive experience with hotel interior architecture, schematic planning, FF&E selection, as well as custom design and procurement strategies, with a unique contemporary approach.

An award-winning design practice, THDP specialises in creating concepts that evolve into compelling hotel spaces. At the core of its creative approach, THDP works to uncover and represent the underlying story behind each project.

In this discussion, Nicholas discusses the breadth of projects he has worked on across Europe, and how THDP came to exist.

Authenticity is at the core of THDP’s design approach, whether it be the culture, location or history of the space. Nicholas describes what the creative process looks like for the design practice and how he is able to transform and revitalise commercial spaces by intentionally incorporating the context in which they exist. He explains how narrative building is an essential part of the design process involving collaboration and research that is bespoke for each project.

Tune in to the whole conversation to discover more.