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The year of 2020 is upon us, and we hope you’ve got big project plans in the pipeline for the year ahead! To help you on your way with the latest product news and launches, browse this month’s curated collection of products for January, featuring exclusive Art Deco inspired dining furniture, shower mixers with a 90’s stereo aesthetic and minimal, monochromatic kitchen design solutions.

Product news featuring Oasis Turner Table in dining room interior

Oasis merge classicism and dynamism with the Art Déco inspired Turner Table

Turner Table is the newly born art piece of Oasis’ Luxury HOME Collection. Inspired by the first works of the British painter, William Turner, its ribbed structure is called “Canneté” (meaning a particular decorative technique characterised by a series of narrow repetitive grooves which is created through specialised production processes and material combinations).

In the era in which form and function represent the ultimate aspiration, “Canneté” offers the perfect synthesis between geometry and decoration with a distinctive and timeless style. Featuring classic, Art Déco geometries complete with stylish marble top and made with the finest Italian manufacturing, the Turner Table is perfect for the most prestigious and elegant of locations; from luxury residences to character hotels; creating spaces to contemplate, relax and pamper in a sophisticated setting.

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Product news featuring Gessi Hi-Fi shower technology

Hi-Fi by Gessi unites design and technology with the contemporary collection

Perfect for furnishing the bathroom as a room of wellness, beauty and living well. With the creativity that distinguishes it, Gessi has created a product to “play” with the water through a selection system of functions, flow and thermostatic shower mixer that has the aesthetic of a 1990’s stereo system. A bit vintage and a bit futuristic, the new button operated embedded or external Hi-Fi systems are the right compromise between sophisticated technological research, minimalism and functionality.

The Gessi Hi-Fi System shower columns, with their linear design, overturn the concept of the column, hybridising it with the typical form of the shower panel – but with totally external installation. Without embedded elements, Gessi create a highly sophisticated, architectural effect. Available with rainfall, waterfall and directional shower kit functionality, these sculptural wellbeing objects are also equipped with a handshower with a magnetic and variable position system.

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Product news featuring Poggenpohl's SEGMENTO kitchen solutions

Poggenpohl presents Lean luxury with +SEGMENTO Y

The new interpretation of the classic +SEGMENTO is aimed at captivating a generation of buyers who value quality, function and exceptional design. In black, white and grey, +SEGMENTO Y deliberately focuses on these three shades in matt finishes. The design is pleasingly minimalistic and reduced, meaning it appeals specifically to a new, younger group of consumers.

+SEGMENTO Y can be fitted to the closest millimetre. On request, handless cabinet elements extend from floor to ceiling and highlight the philosophy of the brand; designing not only a kitchen, but a living space as well. The nanotech material used on the fronts are repeated on the worktops and back panels which creates a consistently flawless impression. The limited theme of monochromatic tones opens up simple yet bold statements. A radiant white kitchen block standing against an inky black backdrop, or a black kitchen block providing a powerful accent against matt grey!

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Product news featuring Dalston fabric range by Panaz

The Panaz studio introduces a new fabric collection, Dalston for 2020

Introducing the new informal plaid collective by Panaz featuring Hampstead, a larger scale brushed design and Harrow, a subtle stitched check effect. A third design, Kensal, explores intermingled textures with unexpected pips of colour. Colourways with neutral backgrounds and pastel soft tints are inclusive, calmer and easy to live with – ideal for creating a relaxed atmosphere with a contemporary vibe.

The Dalston upholstery collection showcases Panaz’ new printable velvet base cloth, Panvelle Luxe, perfectly suited for healthcare and hospitality settings.

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Product news featuring bathroom interior with RAK Ceramics' RAK Previous wash basin

Unlimited harmony, unlimited imagination: RAK-Precious provides luxury solutions for the washbasin

With richer finishes, RAK-Precious provides a luxurious alternative to the functional ceramic white. Combining collections for floors, walls, bathroom furnishings and accessories, RAK-Precious offers complete solutions, enabling you to create your own personal idea of harmony. RAK-Precious includes a full range of porcelain tile integrated washbasins made with RAK Ceramics Maximus technology. Counter washbasins, drop-in washbasins or countertop slabs, each solution offers a unique combination of decorating styles in order to create a perfectly coordinated environment. Marble, stone and cement can be perfectly combined with the functionality of RAK-Joy bathroom vanities.

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Have you ever wondered what tomorrows bathroom will look like? Will there be a radical change? Rather than just being a space where people can groom and clean themselves the bathrooms of the future are likely to become a lot more interactive and linked to the masses of information we receive in other areas of our lives. But which technologies will futuristic bathrooms incorporate?

Drawing on predictions by designers of futurologists, a report was put together which suggested that bathrooms of the future are more likely to become high-tech. The report, compiled for bathroom provider ideal standard international, showed how people’s behaviour and the use of the bathroom is changing. Amongst other innovators the designers have pointed out some of the technologies which may be seen in a few years time.

Interactive mirrors

Interactive mirrors are going to be the next ‘big thing’ in future bathroom designs. The interactive mirror will be the first to greet you in a morning. The mirror will interact with children brushing their teeth, providing them with step by step guides, or simply encouraging them to brush everyday with cartoon videos. For the older generations, the mirror will assist you by focusing and zooming in on certain sections on the body, for example, you may want to zoom into your eye lid to help you apply eye shadow.  Mirrors will be touch screen and interactive, this is a future which will allow us to have ‘iphone like’ mirrors to welcome us every morning.

Self-sufficient toilets

Toilets will become self-sufficient by processing human waste and transforming them into useful resources. The Californian Institute of Technology in the United States designed a toilet with self-powered solar panels which will generate hydrogen and electricity. The solar panels will be strong enough to break down human waste into hydrogen gas which will then be used to provide a backup energy source for night time operation or use under low-sunlight conditions.  Not only that, a new and ingenious ‘all in one’ toilet design is on its way.  The design acts like a Swiss army knife with the three elements- a toilet, a tray and sink, being able to fold into one compact unit. Toilets are also going to become self-sufficient with their energy usage and will be able to self clean, using steam and UV lights.

Perfect mood showers

Showers are a way to get you ready for the day without spending too much time whilst doing so. Well, that was a thing of the past. With new future designs being leaked over the internet it has become apparent that people may now want to spend a little more time showering. Futuristic showers are looking to have reclining chairs which will help you relax while using their steam facilities. Many shower designers have now been looking at incorporating tanning units of 400 watts along with double UV filters so that owners can shower and achieve the perfect tan at the same time. That’s not all, others are equipping DT VII performance showers with digital menus which allow people to mix up their shower experience, by playing any music through the incorporated mp3 players and controlling light settings according to your mood.

A final word. Bathrooms are becoming a lot more interactive and suiting to the personality and characteristics of the home owners.  Each fixture of the bathroom won’t just be used for its traditional intentions; there will be other aspect of your personal life incorporated within.

Written by our guest blogger Alexandra Jackson.

Writer Alexandra Jackson is an interior design enthusiast who usually blogs for Bathshop321 on topics covering all areas of home design, renovation and improvement



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