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‘Wave’ wallpaper by Katie Ridder

Over the past six months, A-Gent of Style started noticing around him the ancient Asian pattern of the wave and also fish scales. Suddenly, these two scalloped designs seem to appear everywhere before him and A-Gent soon realised they were ubiquitous – in shops or restaurants,  in the streets, in fashion, design and home magazines, online of course and many other appearances. What turned into a game of ‘spot-the-pretty-fish-scales-pattern’ almost ended up in an obsession and even hallucinations.

This is a compilation of all the images and photographs A-Gent of Style has accumulated featuring waves and fish scales in all their various shapes and representations.

Now, you too might start noticing them everywhere…..Will you catch the bug!?

Marion Cotillard in Jean-Paul Gaultier, Oscars, 2008

Jarrod Lim’s ‘Koi’ Chair

‘Pot Pourri’ wallpaper by Neisha Crosland

Le 1947 restaurant by Yannick Alléno, Le Cheval Blanc, Courchevel

‘Owl’ lantern by Soane

Korla’s ‘Grand Kyoto Koi’

Gate at Piccadilly Circus tube station, Glasshouse Street exit

‘Easton’ fabric by David Hicks, 1968

Danish cabinet by Julian Chichester (as seen at Decorex 2013)

‘Caducee’ clock by Jean Dunand, 1913 , estimate €100,000-120,000 at Felix Marcilhac auction, Sotheby’s, 11-12 March 2014

‘Ecailles argent by Le Manach

Le Manach’s ‘Ecailles’ (as seen at Paris Deco Off 2014)

Dinner setting by Miles Redd

Urban Outfitters rug

Australian Aboriginal design

‘Coordonne’ tiles

Hartmann Risler et Cie (Rixheim), 1800

Gents at The Zedel restaurant, London

Finally, a shelf at home with some of A-Gent of Style‘s favourite packaging.
Not strictly waves or fish scales, more of an (Art Deco) fan shape this time
but that’s another blog post!

Author: Interior Designer Fabrice Bana, founder and editor of A-Gent of Style


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