Business Seminars

2019 Business Seminars

Every year SBID curate an exclusive series of business seminars for the manufacturers and designers in attendance; offering a chance for fellow industry professionals to engage in key industry topics, learn from the experts in their field and contribute to panel discussions.

This year’s SBID Meet The Buyer business seminars will include talks about what makes a Superbrand, as well as a special panel discussion about the industry’s ‘dirty little secrets’ such as issues with non-payment and protecting your copyrighted designs post Brexit.

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SBID throw spotlight on issue with non-payment with panel discussion

With construction and interior design among the least regulated professions, many professionals in these industries remain at the mercy of clients when it comes to payment. Non-payment has become an all-too-common industry injustice, and is a challenge SBID will address head on during the forthcoming Meet The Buyer event. A panel discussion featuring an expert line-up will outline the issues and examine what’s being done to protect professionals. Designers, specifiers and manufacturers are all invited to take part in the discussion.


Stephen Probert

Head of Intellectual Property, IPO Mediation Service

Jo Frances

Joanna Frances

Interior Designer

Vanessa Brady

Dr Vanessa Brady, OBE

Interior Designer & SBID Founder

Mark Engelman speaker profile image for 20:20 Meet the Buyer networking event

Professor Mark Engelman

Head of Intellectual Property, Hardwicke Chambers

What makes a Superbrand? 

Have you ever wondered what the status of ‘Superbrand’ really means? How do you define a Superbrand? Or better yet, how can you create your own? Everyone wants to know the secrets to achieving Superbrand success, and this year SBID is delighted to invite Executive Director, Global Experiential Design and Production for Mac Cosmetics; Carlo Camillo Chiulli to shed light on the topic and share his invaluable experience.

Carlo’s design and visual work strives to blend feelings of “desire”, “surprise” and “satisfaction” with that immeasurable voice of self and personal expression. Currently he is the Executive Director for Global Experiential Design and Production for MAC Cosmetics. Previously, the Global Director of Store Design and Visual Merchandising for Christian Louboutin Beauté, his work led across prototype development and implementation of all global beauté boutiques; wholesale counter design; pop-up and new market event design; in store launch distortion; Graphic design, product tester display and packaging design.

In his recent design career, he has contributed to notable beauty and luxury brands such as Christian Dior Parums, Victoria Secret Beauty & Accessory, La Senza, Henry Bendel, and White Barn. Hospitality projects connected with BD Hotels, including, The Pod 39 Hotel in Manhattan, an innovative and compact hotel concept. He has also run his own design consultancy, where his clients included the Raul Avila for the Met Gala 2012, David Yurmin Men’s Launch, Nike, CK, Armani and Vera Wang.

Carlo Camillo Chiulli

Executive Director, Global Experiential Design and Production

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