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As Get me 2 the Top 2019 reaches its deadline, students have until 5pm today (28 June) to submit their end-of-year projects in either Residential Design or Public Space Design to win an internship with leading London-based design practices, 1.61 London and Crawford Partnership. SBID caught up with Tacan Ibrahimoglu; previous Get me 2 the Top Winner 2018. The interior design student from the University of Central Lancashire completed her 3-month internship with 1.61 London in October last year, so we got in touch to find out what she learnt and how her internship experience has helped grow her career in interior design.

careers in interior design, SBID Helps Young Designers Develop Careers in Interior Design

Dr Vanessa Brady OBE with Tacan receiving her certificate at the House of Lords, October 18

What did you learn from your internship with 1.61 London?
I can honestly say that I learned and developed a lot in 3 months; mainly about the interior design business and the design industry throughout London and the rest of the world. Specifically, I  developed my knowledge about materiality, suppliers, client relationships, architectural details, software tools, visualisation and design technologies, as well as  how to find the best design solutions, ergonomically and aesthetically. I was involved in all stages of the design process within the busy design studio which taught me how important teamwork is when it comes managing a design business appropriately.

What was your favourite aspect from your time interning?
I enjoyed each step of my involvement with the projects I worked on whilst interning with 1.61 London – from creating colour schemes, material boards, design concepts and zoning, to attending site visits. At each stage, attention to detail was key!

Did you face any challenges during this placement?
Yes, I did face some challenges, but luckily, all the challenges reached a happy resolution. I didn’t know London very well when I first started the internship and beginning a new journey always presents new challenges – for me, all the challenges that arise are worth it because it’s my dream to become a successful and experienced creative designer.

Careers Interior Design Internships
Eaton Square Project by 1.61 London
Careers Interior Design Internships
Eaton Square Project by 1.61 London

Was there a particular project you enjoyed working on?
I can say that my favourite project to work on during my placement was the Eaton Square Project which I was able to create 3D visualisations for. I admired the whole design of the property; the chosen furniture, the extension feature and the French-style garden, so it was a real pleasure for me to be involved in!

What advice would you give to other students about to undertake an internship?
Interning is a perfect way to understand every aspect of a job and what the key points and responsibilities are; especially if the student is sure of the subject they have chosen to develop their expertise within – it’s a great way to gain further insight. Interning will lead you to the next step, giving you confidence about running or understanding a business, or even starting your own!

In my opinion, it’s useful to consider if the company matches your own concept and styles, as well as align with your own values as a designer. It’s also good to try and find out what kind of availability or level of training the designers within the company can offer you during the internship to see what kind of value you can get from it.

During your internship though, I think it’s good to try and focus your attention to think about which area of the design process you really want to be involved in; whether practical side or management – as this will help you to streamline your development within a specific area.

careers in interior design, SBID Helps Young Designers Develop Careers in Interior Design

Tacan receiving her certificate at the House of Lords, October 2018

 How has this work experience helped you on your career journey?
Effectively! Starting a design career in London made me decide that I want to stay here. London is a city I feel happy and productive, that I can be myself. The freedom of expressing myself has always helped me during my journey; to become a better designer every day.

What are the next steps for you now?
I will continue to design, create, develop further and work hard to reach successful and beneficial outcomes. I have recently decided to start specialising in quality furniture design alongside interior design. Having studied a Fine Art Foundation Degree, I have a massive interest in art and design. I always like to keep track of contemporary and historical art as much as I can! The art and design industry is like an ocean for me, which I have a deep passion for — it’s always evolving with lots of varieties and styles globally.

With this in mind, I am also working on curating art and design around the world – I’m a designer and an artist who also supports other designers and artists; I aim to always be very good at what I’m doing and evolve my career within this diverse industry.

I am extremely thankful to SBID for providing such fantastic opportunities for new designers!

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