SBID Business Breakfast Meeting hosted by MKV Design 12th November 2014 | IN DESIGN EVENTS | BY SBID

Not your usual breakfast, but one with industrial knowledge, like-minded colleagues and possible future collaboration thrown in. On top of that great coffee and pastries for good measure. This is the first time MKV hosted SBID Breakfast Event. It’s worth the effort even though we have to get up an hour earlier.  We are amazed how productive one can be at 8:30 in the morning, hope I speak for everyone!

With over 15 years in the business of designing 5 star luxury hotels, spa and restaurants, working for all the major hospitality companies across Europe, and the far corners of the world, it was a new experience for us to be on the other side of the hospitality fence.  Thankfully a full buffet breakfast was not required and a very relaxed, informal offering was all that was needed to have people mixing and talking animatedly about their products and services.

The relaxed setting helps to spark off great conversations which could lead to some interesting and fruitful collaborations in the future, not only with those present but given the general types of discussions that take place at this sort of gatherings, other companies pop in and you suddenly find you have a great new contact, that you did not know existed on your door step offering exactly what you have been looking for!

I think that the real beauty of this sort of networking events is that it can open you up to new options and items that can add that little extra to your projects.  They are also a really good way of forging good connections through that personal face-to-face meeting that a telephone call or email can never achieve.

In short, even though one has to get up a bit earlier than usual you can feel happy that by the end of breakfast you have managed to gain some great contacts that will be of use in times to come and to everyone’s advantage.

Written by Maria Katsarou Vafiadis, Managing Director, at MKV Design.