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Fun Family Beach House Embraces Colourful Aesthetic and Contemporary Designs

10:30 07 August in Project of the Week, Residential Design

Project of the Week

This week’s instalment of the #SBIDinspire interior design series features a striking beach house, created for a family who expressed a strong desire for the design to be vibrant, yet contemporary; creating spaces for both adults and children to have their own private areas, without being too disconnected from each other. The bright colours and stunning views make for a wonderful place to enjoy some time together with family and friends as the open plan design ensures an unobstructed flow within the main area of the property. Particular elements, such as the introduction of polished concrete, was key to this project as it’s very easy to clean and hard wearing – important as guests will be in and out often. The feature stainless steel slide, which runs from the games room upstairs into the living room was a fun element to add and highlights the playful manner of this family and their new home.

Sector: Residential Design

Company: Iggi Interior Design 

Project: UK South Coast Residence 

Location: South Coast, United Kingdom

What was the client’s brief? 

To create a fun, family holiday beach home on the UK South Coast.

What inspired the interior design of the project? 

The family spends a lot of time in this location as they are keen windsurfers. They often spend weekends here with friends which meant that we needed to create a large open entertainment space that satisfies the needs of both adults and children.

A contemporary feel throughout was requested – without appearing too ‘cold’. The family love colour and wanted this added into the project in an elegant way. As the house is right on the beach it was important that they be able to see the ocean.

What was the toughest hurdle your team overcame during the project?

Creating a fun, functional space for families that also looked clean, contemporary and relaxed all at the same time!

What was your team’s highlight of the project?

The entrance was particularly key to this project, a bespoke spiral staircase was created. This needed to look like a piece of art in itself. We added a mirrored wall to reflect both the curated artwork as well as the architectural sweep of the staircase.

Why did you enter the SBID International Design Awards?

At IGGI Interior Design, we believe that community is so important and design awards give us the chance to share our work with the wider community so that we can all learn and be inspired by each other too. Plus, it’s nice to win every now and then and be recognised for your work.

Questions answered by Susan White, Founder of Iggi Interior Design

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We hope you feel inspired by this week’s residential design! Let us know what inspired you #SBIDinspire

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