Residential design by Elicyon for Mumbai Development

Apartment Blends Luxurious London Aesthetic with Mumbai Heritage

10:30 02 October in Project of the Week, Residential Design

Project of the Week

This week’s instalment of the #SBIDinspire interior design series features a lavishly designed interior for an exciting, new residential development in India, providing luxury living in the heart of Mumbai. Elicyon designed this beautiful three-bedroom apartment, due for completion in late 2019, to blend a premium London aesthetic with the eclectic, Art Deco heritage of the city. Contrasting chevron marble flooring, brass details, bold colours and vibrant prints reflect the property’s tropical positioning and complement its surroundings.

Sector: Residential Design

Company: Elicyon

Project: Mumbai Development

Location: Mumbai, India

What was the client’s brief? 

The client’s vision here was to create a ground-breaking project in Mumbai – a luxury apartment building which is on the same level as the world’s leading residential developments. We therefore brought our vast experience in working on such developments – One Hyde Park, Chiltern Place – and combined it with my personal knowledge of the local surroundings in Mumbai. We were brought on board to design the show apartment, so it was our role to create insight into how spaces within the development could be used and to tell its story to future residents.

What inspired the interior design of the project? 

We were inspired by both our previous work on some of the world’s leading developments – selecting the best suppliers and designing for a global, discerning client in mind – as well as the architecture, colours and textures of Mumbai. A fusion of bold, vibrant colours and tropical prints contrast a striking chevron marble floor with brass details, blending a sophisticated London aesthetic with the Art Deco heritage of the city. The luxurious and eclectic scheme is designed in perfect harmony with its setting.

What was the toughest hurdle your team overcame during the project?

As sometimes happens with longer-term projects, changes within government and building regulations presented a significant challenge on this project.  The local authority in Mumbai amended the fire regulations and so fundamental changes to the layout of the building needed to be made. We are accustomed to such speedbumps and know how to work around them – either the current design can be transposed to the updated layout, or we simply have to start the story again.  We work closely with our clients in these situations to ensure that the process is handled as smoothly as possible.

What was your team’s highlight of the project?

Having grown up in India and retaining strong roots, working in my home country had been a long-cherished ambition. It was wonderful to combine my knowledge of the city, culture and way of living to the project with a strong influence from my design studies, which are European in origin. The project’s vision represents a moment in my personal design journey, a confluence of east and west, celebrating both without detracting from either.

Questions answered by Charu Gandhi, Founder and Director of Elicyon

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