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This week’s instalment of the #SBIDinspire series features the luminous and mesmerising ‘Peace Palace’ located in the heart of Taipei which boasts a total of 38 floors. The lobby, with its magnificent 17 meter high ceiling, hosts an incandescent light installation named “The Flight of the Cranes” which was imagined and created by the designer Lorenzo Tondelli. Over the lighting elements in polished brass, you will see purple, red and gold Murano glasses, which when lit from the back, reflect a myriad of colours across the installation and the walls, which creates a surreal and dreamy atmosphere.

The huge columns created in white marble were inspired by the classic Greek-roman temples, which exalt the vertical space. The large reception counter gives the illusion of being sculpted from a unique solid marble block. A second space, next to the monumental entrance, separated by majestic doors in wood and cast bronze, offers a library corner dedicated to reading, a big angular living room and some reserved areas to make conversation. The bar counter and the grand piano for live music, create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

SBID had the opportunity to speak with Lorenzo Tondelli Founder & Designer of Lorenzo Tondelli Studio.

Company: Lorenzo Tondelli Studio

Project: Peace Palace

Project Location: Taipei, Taiwan

peace palace, Project Of The Week – Peace Palace

What was the client’s brief?

The client wanted a project that created a strong emotional connection and impression. He found a space with an available height of 17 meters. He requested that we take advantage of and enhance this height in order to surprise the visitors. We decided to design a mesmerising, large scale light installation to illuminate and mark out the available space.

Within the second area there was a metal structure supporting the building, the client asked for the structure of the second area to inspire the aesthetic of the furniture – making it a main element in the project. The furniture in the area needed to be elegant and luxurious, creating in a contemporary style with occidental taste, juxtaposed with references to Asian culture.

Peace Palace Reception with marble flooring and surfaces

What inspired the design of the project? 

The inspirations for this project include a passion for Asian culture and history mixed with the traditional Italian handcrafting know-how. Regarding the light installation, I envisioned a flock of cranes flying lightly and graciously in the lobby hall space. From the moving and beating of the cranes’ wings, colourful feathers come off softly and float gracefully in the air. This is the vision that inspired the installation.

Peace Palace lobby area with purple sofa

What was the toughest hurdle your team overcame during the project?

I had the chance to work with highly trained professionals that assisted me, helping the project
run smoothly. We only struggled with communicating our ideas and visions a few times. I care deeply about the quality of my furniture and of my projects! Details and finishings must be perfect; they make a space worthy of being remembered and truly appreciated by the people who live in it.

Peace Palace public space with seating

What was your team’s highlight of the project?

The moment when the light installation “The Flight of the Cranes” was turned on for the
first time! The reflections coloured by the Murano glass adorned the walls, all the elements of the project took life and amazed all the people in the lobby; I was really excited and I realised that my work was complete.

Peace Palace interior for hall

Why did you enter the SBID International Design Awards?

I thought it would be interesting to take part in an international and prestigious contest known all over the world as The SBID International Design Awards; moreover I knew it could be also a good way to get in touch with other design professionals, to keep informed on the news and to be part of the SBID society.

peace palace, Project Of The Week – Peace Palace

Questions answered by Lorenzo Tondelli, Founder & Designer of Lorenzo Tondelli Studio.

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Lorenzo Tondelli Studio | SBID International Design Awards 2017