30 Years of Sustainable Manufacturing With Oxley’s Furniture 12th July 2021 | IN PRODUCT NEWS | BY SBID

Sustainability has become an increasingly important consideration when it comes to most sectors, and interior design is most definitely one of them. Consumers now more than ever want to know they are making the best decisions when it comes to environmental impact.

SBID Accredited outdoor furniture specialist Oxley’s Furniture, have been sustainably making their outdoor furniture from recycled aluminium for 30 years. This recycled aluminium comes from old alloy wheels, disused airplane parts and hundreds of thousands of drinks cans.

Why Aluminium?

Aluminium is an amazing metal; it is 100% recyclable and will lose no quality during this process. Nearly 75% of all aluminium ever produced still being in use today. Recycling aluminium uses just 5% of the energy required to produce new aluminium and it can be recycled over and over again.

, 30 Years of Sustainable Manufacturing With Oxley’s Furniture

A Business Model Ahead of Its Time…

Using recycled aluminium creates a virtuous cycle that allows Oxley’s to manufacture luxury outdoor furniture as sustainably as possible. When Oxley’s started 30 years ago, most outdoor furniture was made of rain forest teak, now most outdoor furniture is made from woven plastic. Simon Hudson, managing director of Oxley’s Furniture says; “When we started the business we wanted to make wonderful furniture that lasted generations. At the time we loved the idea that we could do this using a recycled product. This just seemed a good practical thing to do – now this is called sustainability.”

, 30 Years of Sustainable Manufacturing With Oxley’s Furniture

Built To Last

When processed properly aluminium does not rot or rust, meaning it can be left outside all year every year. The recycled aluminium Oxley’s use is smelted and carefully graded to their particular manufacturing requirement. Oxley’s go to extreme lengths in their Cotswold factory to process their furniture in the most thorough way possible, so it is unaffected by weather, wherever in the World it is located. So not only are the materials sourced sustainably, but Oxley’s furniture will last for generations.