Milan Design Week 2019: Salone del Mobile 26th April 2019 | IN DESIGN EVENTS | BY SBID

Shrouds of professional, inspiration-hungry creatives from across the globe descended upon Milan Design Week to uncover this year’s pioneering projects, thought-provoking exhibitions, innovative new collections, product launches and exclusive collaborations. After boasting another tremendous turn-out, the 58th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano ended on a high note, both in terms of visitor numbers and in terms of the quality of trade relations. With 2,418 exhibitors across Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, Euroluce, Workplace3.0 and S.Project the fair saw an impressive 386,236 attendees over the 6 days, hailing from 181 different countries. We’re sharing exhibition highlights from this year’s edition of the insightful furniture fair, featuring some of the impressive displays by SBID members.

Arper presents its own interpretation of contemporary trends

Once again anticipating and seizing the evolution of everyday life and workspaces, Arper pursued a new direction embodied in their Soft(er) concept. Living in the digital era that demands our constant attention, we have never been more connected, on the move, going faster. That is why Arper felt the need to offset this overexposure to stimuli that leads us to a frenzied lifestyle, with the pursuit of people, places and objects that keep us balanced. In need of stability, softness, space, more air, and soft – or rather Soft(er) – objects. In our everyday interactions with the surrounding environment, Arper recognise that the quality of space has an impact on everything, from health to productivity, creativity to collaboration, and so on; as we look for places that can offer us comfort, authenticity, care, inspiration. This softer approach to living, learning, and working has framed their collections, introducing products which act as manifestations of essential human values – connection, sensitivity, comfort and ease.

Arper’s exhibition space at the Salone interprets the Soft(er) theme by using soft materials such as fabrics, transparent materials that allow light to illuminate spaces in a natural way, and streamlined, welcoming shapes. The project was designed by the MAIO creative team, under the artistic direction of Lievore Altherr and styling by Leandro Favaloro, featuring Arper’s new collections for 2019; Paravan Mood designed by Lievore Altherr and Saul design by Jean-Marie Massaud.


Dekton by Cosentino x Benjamin Hubert – RAYTRACE Installation

The global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, the Cosentino Group, was delighted to collaborate with British designer Benjamin Hubert of LAYER design studio on the immersive RAYTRACE installation at Milan Design Week 2019. The spectacular architectural installation showcased Cosentino’s latest launch, the game changing 4mm Dekton® Slim surface, bringing it to life with light in this immersive experience.

Set within the dark, atmospheric tunnels of Ventura Centrale, RAYTRACE comprised of a 25-metre long and 6-metre high triangular passage made using Dekton® Slim ultra-compact surfaces. These surfaces, seemingly balanced on a single edge, created a huge passageway in which visitors could walk under. A mesmerising pattern was created by 29 glass spheres and 87 LED lights, created by the UK’s leading art lighting specialists, TM Lighting, whilst two mirrors at both ends of the vault created the illusion of infinite space. RAYTRACE used Dekton® Slim, Cosentino’s latest surfacing launch with a thickness of only 4mm. Slim combines the durability and technology of Dekton® in a thinner and lighter format, making it one of the most innovative and lightweight surfaces on the market, perfect for wall cladding.

Elite Stone design with luxurious raw materials

The Elite Stone exhibition used ample spaces characterised by neutral colours, interrupted here and there by colour points and contrasting patterns. The display of precious materials included Calacatta Borghini, Coral Black Onyx, White Onyx, Sahara Noir, representing the most superior selection of stone made in Italy with the insert of metals for varying finishes. The elegant and sophisticated atmosphere was inspired by the Lobby of luxury hotels around the world to generate a contemporary and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The external architecture of the stand focuses attention on the statue in Statuary, by the famous artist Stefano Graziani, which invites you to enter and discover the Elite Stone world.

150 square meters divided into unique areas that invited the visitor into an engaging and unforgettable experience, from the Lobby and the Living area, to the SPA & Bathroom section. The wall coverings and wall art panels on the stand represent the new Sauvage Collection designed by Tetyana Kovalenko which is a recurring element of the stand, so much so that it has become the common thread that accompanies the visitor in the discovery of every single space, encapsulating the essence of elegance in design throughout.


The “ROYAL PALACE” Fountain by iDOGI; a ‘world first’ in luxury interior design

Presenting a monumental fountain in precious crystal and artistic glass, where light, water and colours merge in a fairy tale choreography. After the great success of the extraordinary light balustrade presented at last year’s edition, this year iDOGI® was poised to impress again, this time with a spectacular invention for the interiors of the world’s most luxurious residences. The unique and precious work have been designed and created to enhance the magnificence of the most exclusive salons.

The majestic creation, entirely hand-made with thousands of parts in crystal and artistic glass, gave the public an unprecedented show of plays on light and water which culminated in a central temple, and highest expression of the purest classicism. As well as the Fountain, iDOGI® presented many other splendid new works, confirming an always-lively creative activity at the disposal of designers and VIP customers: elegant walls with crystal columns, back-lit boiseries, giant chandeliers, princely balustrades, chairs and sumptuous light tables.


Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors unveils latest luxury furniture collections

A showcase welcomes visitors revealing to them the mood of the collection: the most authentic Roberto Cavalli style is displayed in the furniture selection showing captivating and sensual shapes and textures, this season made softer and more delicate through the light colour palette, dominated by pink shades juxtaposed to the ivory white of the walls covered with silk in a giraffe pattern.

The path of discovery of the new collection continues with a wide living area where neutral tones meet the shimmering lights of marbles and metallic details, while two bedrooms unveil the duality of the brand – elegant and refined with ivory and dove gray shades, bolder and more audacious with the combination of pink and black. The new collections will be available exclusively in the UK through Kings of Chelsea later this year.


Oasis presents it’s Academy Collection, inspired by the Canneté style sculpture and decoration

Oasis demonstrated its refined interior design vision for living, dining and exclusive bathroom areas at the Salone, promoting its coordinated global image that centres around the use of Canneté in furniture pieces and works of art, all exquisitely and carefully crafted using expert combinations of materials and finishes. The term “Canneté” refers to a particular decorative technique that is characterised by a series of narrow repetitive grooves, created by means of different production processes and the use of specifically chosen material combinations.

The Oasis booth let visitors immerse themselves into the mood and atmospheric aesthetic of the Oasis world and its different settings: from entrance and hallway, to dining room, living room, and luxury bathroom – showcasing the addition of the Academy Collection to the Oasis Home Collection in all its glory. The luxurious designs and decorations reflected across the Collection are inspired by the Art Deco period, crafting each design as an emblem of timeless style. Materials used are among the most precious and superior quality, with Italian manufacturing sculpting the final, valued and sophisticated touches. With ribbed detailing and decorative, diamond-like lacquering, the collection creates an exquisite blend of elements and includes mirrors, glasses, surfaces and marbles to furnish the most exclusive furniture; creating comfortable spaces to contemplate, relax, and pamper. Perfect for the most prestigious and elegant of locations, from luxury residences to character hotels.


Sans Souci share their most impressive Light Moments at Salone

Crystal glass, nano-coating, soda effect, slumped glass and extraordinary components, together with meticulous, handmade craftsmanship of glass-blowers. Our “Light Moments” collection, introduced at Euroluce 2019 in Milan, Italy at Salone is a collection is characterised by an unconventional play of material contrasts. Traditional glass skill meets modern technology, finding the true shapes and patterns in nature and everyday inspiration. Celebrating not only our masterworks and original installations, this year we proudly present a unique collaboration with world-renowned glass designer, Rony Plesl, introducing another dimension
in the world of lighting. A set of lamps levitating freely in the air. There is something rebellious about it, underlined by independence and freedom.


USM interior collections respond to the merging of home and work lifestyles

Where is the boundary between home and work today? Over the past year USM and UNStudio have been looking for it. From building absurd domestic rooms for the PlayGround at Salone del Mobile in Milan to building scenarios at the WorkHouse in Berlin, they’ve identified the drivers which are changing the way people work and live today, in order to paint a clearer picture of the future. Surprisingly, few people want to keep home and work separate. Work is more fun when we choose where to carry it out – it gives us freedom and self-determination. As such a third space is emerging between home and work – co-workspaces, cafes, hotel lobbies and libraries – where we work collectively alongside people we don’t know.

While diverse in design, what these third spaces share is community. Being together with others is just as important as getting the job done. The furnishings relax us and the ability to move between a variety of zones keeps us motivated and engaged. In many ways these feel more like spaces of leisure; undetermined and open to interpretation. More like a public square than an office or a living room.


The Dandy Collection, designed and developed by Giuseppe Viganò, becomes Concept

An exclusive living style of fashion design becomes part of every house-environment. The purpose of the research done in terms of material is to find solutions connected with the world of fashion and emphasise the character of every product.

Featuring Saks Leather sofa with a contemporary design for modern 21st century settings which fuses fine design and practicality. A bold silhouette and squared-off shape for this Saks leather sofa which seems made for modern contemporary surrounds. A style which stands apart for its exquisite special stitching details – a sartorial touch that bespeaks Gamma’s deep knowledge and artisan skills. Saks merges to perfection contemporary tenets of aesthetics and comfort so you can
revel in relaxation. The airily elegant base is available in our new finishes whilst the fixed generous armrests offer you plenty of room.