How to Become a Professional Interior Designer with SBID 12th July 2022 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

As one of the most important methods of proving yourself as a capable and professional interior designer in the industry, receiving SBID Accreditation is absolutely essential for any interior designer. Whether individually or as a business, accreditation proves you’re a designer your clients can trust.

Once your years of both training and study are complete, you will be eligible to achieve the highest level of accreditation, as a fully SBID Accredited interior designer. You can join SBID at any stage in your career, however while you’re working towards your accreditation, you should focus on building a strong portfolio of work as this will provide a clear indication of the designs you have produced, its quality and how this compares to other designers. Interior design accreditation is vital for the industry, proving to other professionals and potential clients that your skill, processes, experience and knowledge is suitable for both the client and the project.

While studying an interior design degree is the primary route to achieving accreditation, SBID offer pathways for all types and levels of designer, regardless of background. Click here to discover the membership levels and criteria. We also accredit University course content in the UK to help aspiring designers find the right course to study and best prepare them for professional practice in the working world.

What’s Included?

Below are some of the key aspects to look for which should be covered by professional-level interior design courses, to ensure you have the primary skills and knowledge necessary to meet our accreditation standards.

  • Fundamentals of Design – this includes the philosophy, sociology, aesthetics and theory of design.
  • Visual Research – Colour, light, form, texture, etc.
  • Basic Knowledge of Materials – knowledge and understanding of essential materials used in interior design.
  • Visual Communication – objective and interpretive drawing, freehand perspective drawing, use of colour, media, photography and model making.
  • People in their Environment – ergonometric and anthropometric studies, people in space and design evaluations.
  • History of Art, Architecture, Interiors and Furniture
  • Professional Practice – verbal communication techniques, office organisation and practice, legislation etc.
  • Interpretation of Project Schemes – costing and estimating, material specification, understanding of the structure, working drawings and building technologies.

Click here to browse for accredited interior design courses.

Why it Matters

Receiving SBID Accreditation is essential for interior designers, particularly those looking to make their way into the industry, as it provides unrivalled acknowledgement of their skills and experience, helping to prove their wit as a designer and ensuring they are taken seriously as a professional practitioner. Below, we take a closer look at the key reasons why earning accreditation from SBID is essential:



Interior designers who meet SBID accreditation standards have represented that they are highly trained, qualified and able to uphold the standards set out by SBID. Those with SBID accreditation have proven themselves to abide by a universal code of practice that all but guarantees both a strong worth ethic and high-quality results.



By achieving SBID accreditation, you or your business will have already proven themselves to operate at the highest standards of practice. This status is awarded as a result of both competence and conduct in equal measure, requiring applicants to commit to ongoing CPD training to maintain specialist industry, regulatory and specification knowledge. SBID designers are also encouraged to make overall improvements to inspire positive social impacts on society, as well as adhere to our ethical standards.



As the internationally-recognised organisation for interior designers, receiving SBID accreditation is a real sign of professionalism and credibility that is valued across the profession. SBID endorses designers who meet our exceptional standards for the upmost professional practice, ensuring designers have the appropriate level of knowledge and experience required. SBID provides career development and training opportunities, as well as business and industry support to drive growth and promote the production and procurement of safe, compliant and professionally-designed interiors through our network of independently-verified interior designers.


Peace of Mind

SBID registered designers are listed in the SBID Designer Directory, showcasing their practice as trusted and approved to carry out projects by the industry’s professional body. This, in turn, creates a valuable resource for clients in search of design services, and provides assurances over the conduct and competency of the interior designer being hired. SBID designers must also hold Professional Indemnity insurance in order to qualify for accreditation and membership, ensuring they are operating with appropriate legal protection for any projects undertaken. In short; SBID accreditation provides peace of mind.

Making A Portfolio

Whether you’re an up and coming designer fresh out of university, or a seasoned veteran seeking a new avenue for your career, the importance of having an impressive interior design portfolio cannot be underestimated. When it comes to working in the design industry, especially as an independent designer working freelance, a professional interior design portfolio will provide your clients with an honest reflection of your work, and, if done right, will likely be a direct influence on the chances of hiring you for your interior design services. No matter what stage of your career you’re currently in, ensuring your portfolio is impressive, eye-catching and informative is absolutely essential.

If you’re looking to become an accredited designer, a portfolio a great way of showcasing your abilities and attracting a larger client base, providing you with a much greater chance of achieving SBID accreditation. At SBID, we regulate and promote approved designers, creating a directory of professionals who are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

The Benefits of SBID Accreditation

As suggested, SBID accreditation is essential in showing the industry you are a proven and practiced interior designer. It will raise your profile, and further your career in many ways, helping to promote your services to the public. Let’s look closer at the important personal and professional benefits of receiving SBID accreditation:


Public Listing and Profile

When you gain SBID accreditation, you are placing yourself ahead of competitors by featuring among our list of registered designers. Reaching the SBID directory allows prospective clients to find your business when searching for designers to complete their projects – raising your profile, online visibility and clientele. You can also use SBID directories to help explore approved contractors and suppliers across the industry!


Multi-use Contracts

Procuring interior design goods, services and design works can be a legal and logistical nightmare without the support of SBID. Obtaining the SBID Short Contract with your membership, as well as exclusive rates for NEC Professional Service Contracts will serve you well in these aspects of the business.


Exclusive Offers & Industry Benefits

Accreditation from SBID provides exclusive offers, from free VIP trade event tickets and Awards entries, to press and media opportunities, as well as access to expert advice. SBID members receive an exclusive package of industry benefits to help increase their exposure and engagement.


CPD & Unlimited Access

SBID accreditation also provides unlimited access to member exclusive content, including live and on-demand CDP training opportunities and resources to enhance specialist and technical design knowledge, supporting ongoing professional development in your career and business.

SBID Student Membership

As the largest professional membership organisation for interior design across the UK, SBID are proud to support university interior design qualifications and courses. In order to support the next generation of qualified interior designers, all SBID recognised and accredited courses provide free student membership, including a one-year free associate membership post-graduation to facilitate emerging designers on the path to full accreditation as a trained professional. We’re proud to offer the highest potential of employment following course completion, preparing accreditation from a position of experience in practice that other schemes cannot compare with.


SBID | Get Accredited with the Society of British & International Design: The Leading Interior Design Organisation

SBID is an organisation for interior designers made up of a pool of British and international talent. Those who meet our criteria are welcome to join the society where accreditation is given to further their careers and contribute to the success of the industry.

The most effective method to position your business as an interior design expert is to get accredited today with the Society of British and International Interior Design. By getting accredited, you’ll be recognised as upholding the professional standards of the industry, joining our community of interior design professionals that are now globally recognised as having the training, experience and dedication to the development of themselves and their field.

Becoming SBID Accredited provides the public with the comfort that the SBID member has attained the highest status of assessed knowledge and experience in the UK equal with our recognised peers in other countries around the world. We embrace the creativity and evolving future of the interior design world, to present the very best in the business and support experts throughout their careers. Contact us today.