Art pieces that caught my eyes at London Art Fair 2014

Eye catching art pieces at London Art Fair 2014

14:21 31 January in Design Events

January 2014 hosted the 26th London Art Fair at the Business Design Centre in  Islington.  I was looking forward to discovering the new art works, artists, concepts and galleries to add to my collection of contacts.

I throughly enjoyed the day examining and learning about the various styles different artists used in their art work.  Talking to gallery members was very useful as they gave you  a lot of background knowledge about the artists which made their work more interesting.

Below I have selected a few pieces to introduce you to some of my favourite artists.

Cara Enteles. Willow 2013. Oil painting on an Aluminium sheet


Mark Demsteader. Natalie turning


Kurt Jackson, on canvas. 2013


John Monk, oil on canvas. 2013


Jo Fox. Oil, ink, acrylic, pencil, paper


Danny Rolph-Roma mixed media on triplewall moder art


Chris Wood. Dichoric glass and light


Cathy Lewis. Titania 2012 reconstituted marble


Gary Anderson-1960-Girl water colour


Corin Johnson. Bird sculpture: black & gold marble on pine wood plinth


Stefan Hoenerloh. Oil acrilic & ink on canvas 2013


Tessa Traeger. Chemistry of light series on glass negatives


Sir Peter Blake. The Aquarium 2013


Sir Peter Blake. Eiffel Towel


Author: Interior designer and SBID member Sangeeta Goyal.


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